Best Conditioners for Curly Hair

Best Conditioners for Curly Hair in 2021

There are 2 kinds of curly-haired girls…the ones that love their curls and embrace them for all they’ve got, or the ones who go to insane lengths to flat-iron out any hint of a curl. Which one are you? Hopefully, you’ve decided to just love those curls. Or you at […]

How to Get the Perfect Wash and Go Every Time!

How to Get the Perfect Wash and Go Every Time!

Curly-haired girls love summer because it’s so effortless to get that wash-and-go curl poppin’ you love. It really is more simple since the heat tends to work with you. But in the winter, can you get the same poppin’ locks? It seems many women think they can only get this […]

What's the best toner for brassy hair

Best Toners for Brassy Hair

If you’re not a natural blonde, the thrill of bleaching your hair to that fun, lighter, carefree color seems like a great idea. Until you have to maintain it. There are so many different shades of blonde and, of course, that all has to do with the undertone, or base […]

Best Hair Dyes for Dark Hair without Bleach

Want to make a change? Start with your hair! Contrary to popular belief, hair dye for dark hair without bleach exists. You can change things up to something new and funky even if your natural hue is a rich and deep brown, all without causing excessive damage that bleaching can […]

Every thing you need to know about hair toner

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Toner

Do you want to brighten your hair color or remove brassiness? Then you need to know all about toner! For blondes that have brassy tones, whether you’re a natural blonde or not, redheads, and even brunettes, there are ways to make toner your new bestie in hair color. Even if […]

Girl wondering how to get her hair to hold a curl

How to get your hair to hold a curl

To get your hair to hold a curl right after a shower, you’ll want to avoid using conditioner and opt for mousse, then apply heat protection and the right drying technique. Unwashed hair can get you even better results, as you can add texture to it using dry shampoo.

Why Won't My Hair Take Color

Why Won’t My Hair Take Color

Are you seasonal with your hair color? I know plenty of women that love to lighten things up just a hair, pardon the pun, as the weather warms. Then as pumpkin spice lattes pop back onto menus, they’re trending toward darker shades. But sometimes, it’s not so easy to change […]