Girl choosing the right shampoo for her color treated hair

Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair 2021 edition

It’s the golden rule you simply must follow if you dye your hair or enhance it with another type of chemical treatment…you must maintain it! Particularly when it comes to coloring your hair, that color fades out from UV exposure, mineral deposits, and toxins in the water you use to […]

Shiny, healthy dyed hair

Best At-Home Hair Dyes for 2021

If you’ve ever had your hair colored at the salon, you know how pretty a penny that cost is! Depending on the salon, the color process you choose, and the length of your hair, among other things, you’re looking at somewhere around $75 on the low end to well over […]

Best Curling Wands for 2021

Whether you have pin-straight hair that you want to change into bouncy, luscious curls, or you have a natural wave or curl that never behaves, a curling wand can be one of your very best friends. Gone are the days of those clumsy versions that make it an impossible chore. […]

Girl with fully grown eyebrows

How long do eyebrows take to fully grow back?

Since eyebrows are made up of hair, you might have pondered why they function differently than the hair on your head. I know I have. Recently, one of my friends who had an unfortunate encounter with tweezers asked me how long eyebrows take to fully grow back? As I showed […]

Attractive girl with long died hair

Will dyeing your hair stop it from growing?

We’ve all heard beauty rumors about various things. Kind of like when you make a face and someone hits you on the back, you’ll freeze that way. We know that’s not true. Perhaps you’ve heard that dyeing your hair will stop it from growing. Is THAT true? Nope! Not at […]

Girl touching her hair and wondering if it's too greasy to color

Can you color greasy hair?

We’re often told when we color our hair with permanent color that we should do it on “dirty” hair. Every box of permanent dye I’ve seen usually advises this. But can you color greasy hair? You can certainly color greasy hair, as having your hair a bit on the naturally […]

Girl applying dye on dry hair

Do you apply dye to wet or dry hair?

Up for changing your hair color? You might be ready to grab up a box of hair color and give it a go. You’ve probably picked up each box and wondered “what’s the difference”, right? I have too. I look at the colors and then I try to decide on […]