Woman applying lipstick and wondering if it will make her lips lose color

Does lipstick make your lips lose color?

Apparently, there’s a rumor going around about lipstick. Many people keep asking, does lipstick make your lips lose color? No! It certainly does not! In fact, lipstick can enhance your lips with smoothness and color. You may lose your natural lip color due to other factors, but we can assure […]

Picture divided in half showing a before and after picture of yellow teeth turning white

How Long Does it Take Yellow Teeth to Turn White?

There is nothing more gorgeous than a beautiful smile full of white, shiny teeth. When you look in the mirror though, what do your teeth show you? If they’re less than toothpaste-commercial-white, you might feel a bit self-conscious. Some yellowing over time is rather normal, especially as we age, but […]