Is Curling Your Eyelashes Bad?

Is Curling Your Eyelashes Bad?

I first encountered an eyelash curler when I was 10, maybe 11 years old. I had snuck into my mother’s room to rummage through some of her things. It was such an unusual object that I had to find out what it did. After discovering what it was online, I […]

Best Oil-Free Eyeliners

Best Oil-Free Eyeliners in 2021

Do you love wearing eyeliner as much as I do? Probably, since you’re reading this! Hey, we have a special bond! What I love about eyeliner is that it has the potential to discretely bring out your eyes or do a complete 180 and go for big drama. Eyeliner, on […]

How to determine your skin tone and undertone

How to determine your skin undertone

Have you ever bought makeup that you thought looked right for you, but once you tried it on, it didn’t match? The problem isn’t the makeup… it’s that you didn’t choose something that works with your skin tone and undertone. Just knowing this simple fact about your complexion will save […]

Can You Wear Eye Makeup Only?

Can You Wear Eye Makeup Only?

Are you the kind of girl who has never really worn makeup? You’re not opposed to it, but perhaps you just never really had experience putting it on. It’s easy to skip too, when you’re young and fresh-faced, but there are occasions when even those of us that like to […]

Two girls doing a flawless makeup for a photo shoot

Makeup tips for a flawless photo-shoot

Ever notice that the face staring back at you in the mirror looks picture-perfect, yet when you snap a selfie or even pose for a friend, it’s quite a different story. What’s up with that? When it comes to your makeup in reality, the camera picks up on different things […]

How to Prevent Oily Face after Applying Makeup

How to Prevent Oily Face after Applying Makeup

When you have oily skin, it might feel like seconds after you cleanse, it’s back to greasy again. That greasiness increases even more when you apply your makeup, making for a difficult situation. Your foundation might look like it has wiped clean off your face or worse, you may look […]

Attractive eyes in glasses

How to make your eyes look more attractive in glasses

In the olden days, it was said that “guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Any of us with grandparents or even great grandparents may have heard this antiquated statement. That’s because ages ago, glasses were really associated with being nerdy. People back then were under the false […]