Attractive eyes in glasses

How to make your eyes look more attractive in glasses

In the olden days, it was said that “guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Any of us with grandparents or even great grandparents may have heard this antiquated statement.

That’s because ages ago, glasses were really associated with being nerdy. People back then were under the false impression that if one studied too much, they’d hurt their eyes and then need glasses. Now of course, we all know better than this. In fact, glasses can be quite a hot accessory when you choose the right frames for your face.

If you wear glasses and you don’t feel like the hottie you should be, then listen up! Glasses are totally trendy and what’s more, they can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. You just need to know how to style yourself with them.

Take something like jeans for example. Everyone wears them but the wrong cut can make for a fully unflattering fashion. By the same vein, so too can glasses.

Don’t believe us? Look at stars like Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel who totally pull off glasses like pros. It’s all in the style you choose for your frames and the makeup you apply to help you achieve that smart, sophisticated and stylish look. Yes, even with prescription lenses!

Frames really do frame your face and can absolutely draw attention to your eyes in all the right ways. When you apply your makeup in the right way, the combination can slay big time. All you need are a few master tips to maximize your confidence and stop hiding behind your glasses.

Just think of makeup as a form of art and glasses as the way to accentuate said art and you’re on your way.

So, how do you make your eyes look more attractive in glasses? Keep reading and we’ll give you a clear view into your best look!

Here is how to make your eyes look attractive in glasses without makeup

If you want to see just how spectacular you’ll look in spectacles, then read on! You’re about to find out how to perfect your look while wearing glasses so you can step out with confidence.

Choose the right frames for your face shape

The absolute first step you must take is to get the right frames for your face. They should be in proportion to your features. So take a look in the mirror. What shape is your face? Is it round, oval, heart, or square-shaped? Once you determine this, it will be easier to select the right frames.

Then you’ve got to see what will bode well in the way of rimless and semi-rimless, round or oval, square, horn-rimmed, or even aviator style. Just know that if you feel ugly in glasses, the reason is that the glasses you have aren’t doing you any favors. Unflattering glasses will make you look like your worst nightmare.

Before you go shopping, dress yourself up in your favorite style and with your hair the way you like it so you will know what your glasses will look like on you daily. Then, follow these other tips for choosing the best frames to make your eyes look more attractive in glasses.

  • Choose frames that curve upward at the ends. This makes your eyes look upbeat.
  • Not sure about your face shape? Take a rectangular bar of soap and use the edge to find the outlines of your face.
  • Round face? Go for sharp-angled frames.
  • Square or angular face? Choose oval-shaped frames to soften your jawline.
  • Oval face? You’re lucky in that you can choose just about any style frame, though round frames will have a heavy look to them and you’ll probably want to avoid them.
  • Heart-shaped? Go for frameless or frames that have edges that point upward to flatter your face the best.

If the glasses you currently have to make your eyes look smaller, you need to trade them up. The right glasses will draw attention toward your eyes, serving as a mini-frame of sorts to the masterpiece that is your eyes!

Frame color matters too

Once you’ve found the right shape to bring out your best, you need to choose a color that looks good too. If you have aging eyes, add strength to them by choosing colors like black, charcoal, burgundy, dark navy, or tortoiseshell. Want a slimming effect? Choose gray, tan, or soft taupe for a sculpted look. Dull or pasty complexion? Choose sheer or opaque frames in amber, rose, honey, or pink.

What to avoid? Bright colors like red, turquoise, or multi-color blends. These take the focus off of you and blend you away.

Can’t decide? You can do no wrong with black, brown, or neutral metals, however, a brighter color (excluding neon or red or those things of course) may just be the ticket to helping you feel less bland with glasses on.

Here are some quick frame color tips and tricks!

  • Browns and bright tones do best on warm-toned skin while blue, silver, or muted colors are best if you have cool-toned skin.
  • Tortoiseshell flatters everyone!
  • If you always choose certain colors to wear most of the time, choose your frame color based on that color coordination.
  • When all else fails, match it with your hair!

Blonde goes with medium browns, black with accents of metallic, blue or purple. If you have brown hair, you have the most options since just about everything goes well with your hair color. Black hair can be paired with black frames, bold colors, or a combination of color contrasts like black and white. Red hair is a little more difficult. If you’re a redhead, never use yellow-toned frames. Instead, choose warm browns or go with tortoiseshell. Going grey? Choose blue or burgundy for a flattering match!

Curl your lashes

Curled lashes not only add a more feminine touch behind your frames but they also serve a greater purpose. Your lashes are little hairs that leave behind natural oils. They will leave the oil on your lenses so you should curl your lashes to minimize the transfer.

Follow these lash tips when wearing your new glasses!

  • Don’t use lengthening mascara if your lashes already brush up on your lenses constantly. Choose a formula that adds volume and thickness and apply on the roots rather than the tips.
  • Use a creamy, waterproof formula to avoid getting mascara all over your lenses.
  • Replace your mascara every 3 months. Not only is it healthier for your eyes to avoid infection but it also prevents dry, flaky formulas from getting on your glasses.
  • Curl at the base of your lashes for the best results. Avoid clamping too tightly though or you’ll have a noticeable bend.
  • For the easiest lash curls, tilt your head back and hold your lash curler so it’s just about sitting on your cheek. Then pulse it at the base without clamping. Move it midway on your lashes and clamp it along without tugging to get big curls.

Getting enough sleep is your first priority

Just as the right glasses can totally make your eyes pop and look luminous, they can also magnify any flaws. And nothing will make you look more flawed than a lack of sleep. The puffiness and dark circles that come from not getting a good night’s sleep will only look worse. Focus on keeping puffiness at bay with tea bags or even a cold spoon (just shove it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and pop it over your eye).

Protect your eyes

Keeping your eyes safeguarded from the sun should also be paramount. After all, when you expose them to UVA/UVB rays and squint into the sun, you’re only creating wrinkles around your eyes and shrinking them down over time.

All this can be done without makeup but read on to discover your best makeup tricks for helping your new glasses bring out the attractiveness in your eyes!

Makeup for more attractive eyes when wearing glasses

And now, let’s get your makeup on the right to make sure your glasses truly bring out the best in your eyes and your face! 

First your eyebrows

Eyebrows are the original frames of the face and they still play a vital role even with glasses on. You should make sure to give them a full appearance by using an eyebrow pencil. This will help shape them and add definition for more balance.

Anyone that has ever over-tweezed knows that well-groomed, well-shaped eyebrows hold the key to beauty. They can help make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful, not to mention more youthful.

Even if your frames are bold, you need to keep up with the boldness in your brows. Your glasses will frame your eyes but your brows need to frame your glasses. With most styles, brows are just above them.

To style them:

  • Get a good brow kit! You’ll have everything you need on hand!
  • Brush brows up and trim anything extra in length.
  • Get tail hairs outta there by tweezing them away. These are the ones that curve downward and hence make the eyes look turned down.
  • Don’t forget to pluck away any errant hairs that have nothing to do with your brows or else they will be magnified in your glasses!
  • Use brow gel and thank us later! They hold everything in place!

Eye makeup should match the size of your frame

You can really play up your eyes with eye makeup. Just remember this golden rule: the smaller and more delicate your frames are, the lighter your makeup needs to be on the eyes.

Use tinted lenses with a pale hue of 10% in rose, mauve, lavender, or even blue if you tend to have puffy eyes or under-eye circles. Those trendy pastel gradients help you have a makeup-like look. The tint is really light and it can work indoors or outdoors. Or grab your makeup palette and get to work.

The lighter your shadow is and the more neutral the color, the better you’ll look. If you have dark colors applied, the glasses will bring out any dark undertones around your eyes, leaving you to look exhausted and puffy.

Slathering on too much eye makeup gives you a heavy look, so take it easy. Shimmery shadows really catch the light and can do wonders for opening up your eye area. That being said though, you should apply it to the eyelid and then blend into your crease so it doesn’t overwhelm.

Want to add more color? Follow these tips!

  • For blue eyes, use gold and copper tones.
  • Green eyes look great with pinks and plums.
  • Hazel eyes do beautifully with greens, browns, and gold.
  • Brown eyes look magnificent in any color for the most part though purple is really your jam!

Mascara for an open eyes effect

After curling your lashes, don’t stop there! You need a mascara that thickens or adds volume. Again, as we said, don’t do lengthening or you’ll be seeing little dots of mascara all day on your lenses.

How to successfully apply mascara for wearing with glasses:

  • Pull your lid up gently with the opposite hand by simply using a fingertip on the brow.
  • Wiggle your mascara wand back and forth close to the roots of your upper lashes, then gently roll it outward as you zigzag. Be gentle so you don’t tug. This way, the least amount of mascara winds up on your tips.
  • Choose a creamy and waterproof formula to keep from flaking.

And of course, you should make sure it’s not old. Old mascara will flake all over the place. If it’s new and it’s not creamy, it won’t add moisture to your lashes and hence, will look dry and crusty under the lens.

Eyeliner for the extra oomph

Your eyeliner should always complement the color of your frames. Black frames are easy, but if you’ve gone with a different color, you should try choosing a dark bronze or something smoky in quartz. Tortoiseshell can be interesting too if you choose one of the colors included in the frames to soften your eye makeup look.

More than the color of the eyeliner though, it’s how you style and place your eyeliner. Your liner should be tight along the lash line so your eye color pops. The closer it is, the more it accentuates your eyes. You can always choose a cat-eye look which will go great with your glasses. The most intensity should be near the lash line, but hey, makeup is fun to experiment with so feel free to play around on a lazy day when you’re not in any hurry to be anywhere. Just know that the thicker your frames, the thicker the lines you draw with your eyeliner need to be!

For prescription glasses that wind up making your eyes look smaller, using the Indian style of kohl kajal where you line all the way around the eyes can make them look incredibly defined and help them look larger.

Concealer is everything

As we age, our under-eye area gets drier and thinner. By your 30s, you really should head it off at the pass with some eye cream. But even if you’re still young and fresh-faced, wearing glasses can cast shadows under your eyes. If you have any lines, even slight ones, they’ll accentuate those.

Thankfully, concealer is your BFF in this situation. Use a warm yellow-based concealer along with just a dab of eye cream (super-emollient formulas are best) and then blend it into a half-circle under your eyes. Dab all the way to the inner corner of your eye and along your nose for a seamless look. Using a magnifying mirror makes it much easier to get everything blended beautifully.

Formulas that brighten will be best. You can set it with powder, though do be careful if you’re over 30. The powder can settle into any lines you have and make them stand out. In that case, your better off just going with a creamy formula concealer that nourishes skin and makes it look plump and hydrated.

Don’t forget highlight and contour

When you’re wearing glasses, highlighting and contouring are the best way to give your face that extra frame. Never use bronzers for contouring though. Invest in a good contouring palette. You’ll want to start at the temples and make a backward 3 on each side. Contour on both sides of your nose too.

For highlighter, use it below your eyes in the same area as the concealer and down your T-zone. This will illuminate your face and bring that ‘wow’ factor. Now put on your glasses and see how amazing you look!

Rock your glasses

Lots of people wear glasses, and whether you’ve been wearing yours for ages or you’re new to wearing them, exuding confidence is a must. When you have the right style of frame to flatter your face in the right color, you’ll look even more spectacular than before. Go forward with confidence and rock your new and improved look!


Glasses are no longer seen as a nerdy look. In fact, they can really add more sophistication and charisma. You just need to find the right ones for you. If you hate the way you look in your glasses, perhaps you simply need to go shopping for a pair that makes you feel confident in your look.

Once you’ve chosen a good pair that works for you, use these makeup tips to help you bring out your eyes. You’re going to love the way you look and find that all the compliments you receive will give you the confidence boost you deserve!


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