Is It Ok to Wear False Eyelashes Every Day?

Is It Ok to Wear False Eyelashes Every Day?

Nothing looks more youthful and sassy than thick, long, and full eyelashes. They seem to really attract like nothing else. Likely, it’s the science behind it (seriously, read our post about why long eyelashes are attractive here!).

But in addition to the scientific basis, it sure feels good to have those fluttery and gorgeous lashes. It keeps you feeling confident and beautiful.

That’s probably why so many women turn to false eyelashes in times of distress, to add more drama, or to keep self-esteem issues from bubbling up to the surface.

While most women feel that false lashes are best saved for a special occasion, some women feel that they MUST wear false eyelashes every day of their lives. Who is right?

Well, that depends on who you ask. But if you ask us, when it comes to everything about you, you should do what feels right for your face.

Still, we’d be incredibly remiss if we didn’t give you the full scoop about false lashes. You should definitely keep reading to learn more about your favorite false eyelashes.

Is It Ok to Wear False Eyelashes Every Day?

It’s ok to wear false eyelashes every single day, just use latex-free glue as it won’t damage your eyelids. However, as cool as they look and the confidence they bring along with them, they can cause damage to your real lashes if you wear them on a frequent basis.

But the key to having them stay on for a whole day is to use eye drops during the day after you put them on. It will also help keep your eyes hydrated.

In addition to that, no matter what type of glue you choose, it’s very important not to let your lashes touch water at all before taking them off at night.

What’s more is how to take them off properly without damaging your own lashes. When you feel like it’s time to take them off, first make sure you don’t pull on them; instead use your fingers to carefully peel them off.

Don’t use makeup remover because that can damage or break your natural lashes even more.

Instead, use coconut oil or olive oil. Make sure you pat the oils on gently around your eyes for about two minutes before wiping with a cotton bud.

That’s it! Using false eyelashes everyday is still possible; however, make sure you’re using quality glue and taking care of your natural lashes.

Why You Need to Be Careful Wearing False Eyelashes Every Day

You might totally love the way your eyes look framed with that extra fringe of lashes. But wearing false eyelashes every day is not good for you in any way. If you wear them here and there, perhaps to a special event or on epic dates, that’s one thing.

But if morning, you rise before the sun to pop those bad boys on there, rest assured that they will take their toll. Keep reading to find out why it’s not such a hot idea to wear them on the regular.

False eyelashes are made of chemicals

While there are some false eyelashes out there made from real hair (like mink or human hair), the majority of them are made using synthetic materials. The lashes themselves aren’t exactly the problem though. It’s the bonding glue.

Bonding glue used to adhere to your false eyelashes is made from water, latex, and ammonium hydroxide. If you take a moment to read the warning on the bonding glue label, you will see “avoid contact with eyes” on there.

Additionally, it usually has formaldehyde for preservation (think of the preserved specimens in biology class) plus heavy metals too. Even traces of these items, which is usually the case, can accumulate over time.

While using fake eyelashes a couple of times a year for big events isn’t a major deal, if you’re putting these chemicals and heavy metals so close to your eyes every day of your life, it can cause problems for your down the road.

Neurotoxicity can affect children too. Even if you’re not a mom yet, or not that you’re aware of (as is common in the very early stages of pregnancy), these chemicals can linger in your body.

If there’s even a chance you could be pregnant or you’ll soon be thinking about starting a family, you should stop using these things immediately for your future child’s best health.

Basically, if you’re in those child-bearing years as they call them or have kids under the age of 6 at home, you should be extremely careful about chemicals in your home. That includes the chemicals you are putting on your lash line to hold those falsies in place.

Again, this isn’t to send you into some massive panic attack, however, the more you keep these things around, things that the FDA still struggles to determine what level is safe, the more dangerous it is.

If you must use your false eyelashes, be prudent when purchasing. Items purchased overseas tend to be the worst offenders. Ask what is in them and read the labels before adding them to your virtual cart.

Chemicals aren’t the only things you have to watch out for though. Keep reading!

Wearing false eyelashes every day will ruin your natural lashes

Why do you wear false eyelashes? Chances are, you love the boost it gives you. Those fluttery, lengthy lashes make giving that “come hither” look so much easier. If your natural lashes aren’t very lush or long, turning to fake eyelashes is a quick solution to the problem.

It’s great for hot dates and special occasions, but the more you wear fake eyelashes, the more strain you’re putting on those delicate little hair follicles where you real lashes sprout from.

It causes them to fall out, and in time, they won’t grow back. If you tend to rip those suckers off as fast as you do your bra when you get back home, chances are you’re doing even more irreparable damage to your lash line.

And that’s not all. Let’s get back to chemicals for a hot minute here. The type of eyelash glue that you use with your lashes not only determines how long those falsies will stay in place.

Some of those glues, like the standard white stuff, dry clear and only have the potential to last for a day or two. Longer-lasting glues can keep those suckers on for a week or more, though those are made for individual lashes.

Any way you slice it, the false eyelash glue causes damage to your natural lash line. The longer-lasting the glue, the stronger the chemicals. Those chemicals and the heft of those false eyelashes add even more strain to your natural lashes.

Even when you wear false eyelashes with standard glue though, it can cause your lashes to fall out. They’re delicate little hairs, you know. And let’s just say you’re careful when you take them off, you still run the risk of accidentally yanking out some lashes.

If you keep your false eyelash endeavors down to the minimum and only wear them on occasion, your natural lashes will bounce back, usually in about 6 to 8 weeks.

But as you age, the growth of new lashes – whether you use false eyelashes or not – slows down. In that case, you want to be extra careful or you’ll wind up with a sparse lash line that depletes your confidence.

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Taking off those false eyelashes is a tricky situation too. You should use a quality eye makeup remover designed for stubborn waterproof makeup to dissolve the glue. Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Amazon link) can help with that.

You’ll simply apply it to the base of your lashes right next to where you set the glue. Once you’ve saturated the area and let the eye makeup remover do its thing, very slowly and gently lift up the false eyelashes.

It’s so important to remember to use the eye makeup remover in this step. Again, it needs to be for stubborn waterproof eye makeup to dissolve the glue and make removing the falsies easy.

Don’t even think about pulling your fake eyelashes off without using it or you’ll wind up ripping out your own lashes.

Of course, the best way to avoid all of this is to not wear fake eyelashes. That’s easier said than done, we know.

But if you’re wearing them daily, it’s time to stop that habit. Keep reading and you’ll find out better ways to highlight your eyes and look your best without the hassle of fake eyelashes!

Wearing false eyelashes every day can cause irritation around the eyes

So let’s just say none of what we’ve said so far is deterring you from wearing fake eyelashes on the regular. Hopefully, you’ll take our next point into consideration.

Have you ever had to adjust your fake eyelashes in a grungy club bathroom mirror because all that dancing and sweating made them a little loose? It’s such a bad idea to attempt fixing your false eyelashes in an unhygienic place. Even if you simply touch your eyes while in some kind of grungy place, bacteria and fungus can get trapped under the glue.

Guess what happens next? Go on, guess! You could get an eye infection. If that guy thought you were gorgeous last night, he’s going to think his beer goggles were way off when he takes a look at you in the morning with an inflamed, red, swollen eye staring at him.

To add insult to injury as he runs out the door so fast he leaves one sock behind, your eye will hurt and you’ll likely want to go to the doctor or clinic to get something to clear it up stat.

Even if no germy situations arise, fake eyelashes can irritate your cornea. When the glue thickens, it too can cause its own miseries by falling into your eye and scratching your cornea.

False eyelashes can cause allergic reactions too, thanks to the formaldehyde used in the glue. You may find your eyes burn, sting, swell, or a rash forms. It can happen even as much as a week after you’ve taken them off. Eye doctors have seen a surge in allergic reactions to this chemical because the popularity of false eyelashes has come back in style.

The glue itself creates a moist environment that dirt can easily get trapped in. Do you know what loves dirt? Bacteria! If you’re not careful when you apply your false eyelashes, you’ll wind up with a painful infection. The more often you apply them, the greater the risk.

Your natural lashes are there for a reason. They protect your eyes from dust, sweat, and other foreign materials. When you use false eyelashes, if you use low-quality ones, you’re even more at risk for irritation and infection because they won’t keep out the things your real eyelashes work so hard to protect you from.

There’s something else that’s rather scary when it comes to regularly wearing false eyelashes. Eye doctors warn that they can cause diseases like a corneal ulcer. It’s an open sore that forms on your cornea over the iris. We think we’ll take sparse natural lashes over that one any day!

And while that is a bit rarer, more common occurrences involve clogging those hair follicles for your natural lashes. Not only will you prevent your real lashes from growing and thriving but you’ll also risk a type of infection known as external horde oleum. When you have this, your eyelids constantly feel heavy.

Potential vision loss is another risk you take when you wear fake eyelashes all the time. If you’ve had trouble with corneal scarring forming from an ulcer or bacterial conjunctivitis, it’s definitely time to say goodbye to false eyelashes and protect your eyes!

Wearing false eyelashes every day is time-consuming

False eyelashes take time to apply correctly. This is why most women opt to use them only on those special occasions. But if you’re hooked on them, you’re probably spending quite a lot of time on getting them just right every day.

It’s time-consuming enough to embark on a skincare routine followed by your makeup routine. You really can’t rush the application of your false eyelashes. Doing so could leave you with an infection or a wonky-looking application that screams fake.

There are better ways to make your lashes look luscious. In fact, we highly recommend going back to your natural roots and working on growing your lashes. It’s not too late yet, girl! Keep reading and we’ll tell you how you can grow those lashes back once you break your addiction to falsies!

How to Grow Back Falling Eyelashes Due to Excessive Use of False Lashes

Yes, you can grow your natural lashes back after wearing fake ones excessively. You’re still young so now is the time to do it before you get older. These tips will help you restore your natural lash line.

You may even find you like the way you look even better with real, natural, fluttery lashes there instead of those falsies!

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Invest in a lash enhancing serum

Lash enhancing serums are designed to fulfill your natural lash needs. This brilliant product infuses your lashes and the lash line with essential nutrients that promote growth.

It’s pretty smart when you think about it. After all, eyelashes are little hairs. Instead of growing out of the top of your head though, they grow from hair follicles that line your eyelids.

When you want the hair on your head to look gorgeous, what do you do? You spend time nourishing it with good shampoos and conditioners and protect it while styling, don’t you?

So, it makes perfect sense that you should be doing this with your eyelashes. If you want them to grow thicker, strong, and long, a lash enhancing serum will be the answer to your prayers.

Just know that even the best of them do NOT work overnight. As with the hair on your head, it takes time to see the full results. So you may notice they feel softer pretty immediately but you won’t see them growing in faster for a few weeks to a few months.

Patience pays but if you keep using your lash enhancing serum, you’ll notice major improvements soon enough that will turn you into a believer.

LiLash Purified Eyelash , though if you want to go completely natural, check out this Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Serum By Sky Organics (Amazon link).

Combine a healthy diet with the right supplements

Let’s be honest here…are you eating healthfully most of the time? If not, your lashes, much like the hair on your head, are going to show it. What you eat really matters when it comes to all things beauty.

Your products can only take you so far, but nourishing yourself from within brings it all full circle so you’ll always look your best.

Make sure you eat plenty of protein and get the vitamins you need. The most important ones for beautiful hair and lashes are vitamins A and C, biotin, niacin, and iron. Eat the right foods to  get them.

A leafy spinach salad with nuts, avocados, and berries will taste delicious and give you a hefty dose of what you need. You should also choose fish, whole grains, and other leafy greens for most of your meals.

Supplements are also a great idea because even when we eat the right things, sometimes we’re just not eating enough of them. Microgreens are a great way to enhance that superfood power, but if you don’t have any of those, take Nutrafol. It’s a hair supplement that really helps boost your lashes too.

Replace your regular mascara with a natural mascara

Natural ingredients will always serve you best. After all, when you’re putting something on your eyes, it should be nourishing. There are tons of mascaras out there now that are made from natural ingredients that can help boost your lashes.

Per-fékt is made from natural ingredients that enhance your lashes and lengthen them. Kjaer Weis is another natural mascara formulation that is 99% organic and is clump-free for a naturally beautiful look.

Always remove your makeup and clean your eyelash line at night

And yes, we’ve preached this point before in many of our other posts, but we have to ram it home. One of the biggest sins you can commit to your skin, and your lashes, is to leave makeup on at night.

Do yourself a favor…take a couple of minutes to cleanse your skin and remove your eye makeup. Vapour makes a great makeup remover that can help you remove mascara and eye makeup.

It’s so important to do this. For those crazy drunk nights, keep face wipes by the bedside. It’s at least better than nothing. But seriously, get into the habit of taking off your makeup every night.

Leaving it on can damage your skin, plus you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to infuse your skin with beautifying ingredients that can help your skin regenerate and look its best.

Eye makeup can really destroy your lashes and clog those hair follicles if you don’t clean it completely away and give your lashes a breather.


You shouldn’t wear false eyelashes every day. It’s not good for your eyes and can destroy your natural lashes permanently.

If you wear fake lashes on occasion, like when you’re a bridesmaid yet again or on Halloween, it won’t do much harm but you should still take precautions to keep things clean to avoid infections or damaging your cornea.

Proper procedure should always be carried out when applying false eyelashes. But if you’re wearing them daily, you really should kick the habit.

They can ruin the lashes you have and when you get older, they won’t grow back. Take care of your lashes now and you’ll have a lash line that is the envy of all!


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