Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair than Hair Ties?

Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair than Hair Ties?

Apparently, scrunchies were HUGE in the 1980s. Just ask anyone who grew up during those times or take a look back at old photos.

Every girl wore them. Every girl had a collection as vast as the sea. They were THE must-have accessory then.And now, they’re once again the must-have accessory.

Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair than Hair Ties?

Scrunchies are better for your hair than regular hair ties, since they don’t pull and tug on your locks like normal hair ties do. In fact, most scrunchies are made from silk and other soft, hair-friendly materials, which reduces the risk of breakage and split ends.

Even, science has shown that the detangling process can cause split ends and breakage, this usually happens when taking out elastics and hair ties, making scrunchies the better, less damaging choice for your hair.

Not only scrunchies are good for you your hair, but they can also be used to improve the appearance of your hairstyle. For example, if you have curly hair, scrunchies can help define your curls and reduce frizz.

That’s good news because whether you favor up ‘do’s or you like keeping something along to tie hair out of your face when eating or when it’s hot, you can count on the ever-stylish scrunchie to do the job AND keep from wrecking your strands.

Hair ties, on the other hand, can cause major damage if you use the wrong kind. The ones made from rubber bands should never be used. Like ever! And the ones with those vicious metal clasps? Ugh! No! Don’t use those either. Both types can cause breakage and damage.

What’s more, if you don’t rotate the position of your ponytail, you’ll also incur hair shaft damage. Damaged hair is definitely not on-trend, so using your stylish scrunchies with your hairstyles can be the perfect solution.

If your hair is dry and damaged, perhaps from lots of heat styling or chemical colorings or treatments, you should switch to the timeless scrunchie for the sake of your hair. Read on to find out more about how scrunchies can really benefit you!

Why scrunchies are the best option for healthy hair

Scrunchies are the ideal choice for all hair types. Whether you’re young or old (or somewhere in between), your hair will thank you for using scrunchies. There are no metal components to your scrunchies which means they won’t cause breakage and damage to your hair.

If you wear a ponytail often, or perhaps put your hair half up or in a bun, or any style really, you’ll know you’re causing damage to your hair if you lose hair each time you take it down.

You naturally lose some hair each day as your head of hair is always in different stages of growth from strand to strand. But it’s not necessary for you to lose strands every time you pull your hair back into a ponytail each day.

Let’s say you started out with a ponytail in the morning but by mid-day, it started sagging. So you pop into the bathroom to fix it. As you do, some strands come out.

Mid-afternoon, the same thing happens and you repeat the process. After work, you head to the gym and really tie it up good so it won’t fall down while you workout and more hair comes out.

When you use a scrunchie, you keep from causing this wear and tear on your hair so that no unnecessary strands fall out.

Scrunchies slide down your hair easily

Scrunchies slide down your hair easily

Because of their soft textures and materials, scrunchies slide down your hair. Other hair ties cause friction, rubbing on your hair and pulling it out. The smoother the glide, the better your hair will be.

It’s all science, really. When something is rough like the material of normal hair ties, it provides resistance. But scrunchies aren’t made of rough materials.

In summer, you can step on a hill-top sidewalk and not slide anywhere. It’s rough. But when winter rolls around and that same sidewalk is covered in ice, you will effortlessly slide right down it (which is tons of fun!).

Scrunchies apply less tension on your hair

They apply less tension on your hair

Unless you have very processed hair, your hair ties aren’t doing the damage when you’re putting them in. It’s when you take your hair down, and perhaps it gets a bit stuck in there on the way out.

That soft fabric on your scrunchie basically pads your hair and protects it from the elastic band contained inside the material.

There’s much less tension here so you’re less likely to cause damage to your hair when you take it down. However, do know that when you tie your hair up when it’s damp or fully wet causes damage no matter what you’re using.

Expert stylists recommend that you wait until your hair is completely dry before you tie it up.

Wearing scrunchies won’t crease your hair

Wearing scrunchies won’t crease your hair

Sometimes, you want your hair up for certain activities like when you’re at Zumba at the gym, or when you eat so you’re not inhaling your strands of hair with every bite. But with traditional hair ties, you wind up with a crease in your hair which looks awful when you want to take it down.

Scrunchies are great no matter what kind of hair type you have. And if you have random broken or stretched-out hair ties or hair ties wound with a small furry pet made of your own hair, it’s time to give them up in favor of scrunchies. You won’t get dents in your hair nor will you have hair ripped out of your scalp.

Velvet or silk are popular options for scrunchie material. They’re stylish plus they’re ultra-soft. And they’re an accessory in their own right. You can wear them in your hair or on your wrist and either way, they look great. You can’t say that about those uninspiring hair ties, can you?

Scrunchies come in different sizes to accommodate your hair needs

Scrunchies come in different sizes to accommodate your hair needs

Maybe you want to do your hair half-up instead of fully up. Maybe you have thinner hair that looks silly with a bigger scrunchie. Whatever the case,  you can choose a smaller size scrunchie for your needs.

Not all scrunchies are of the look-at-me-look-at-me variety. Some are very discreet which you might want to try when you want a more minimal appearance. Larger scrunchies are perfect for thick or long hair.

You can mix and match sizes and styles and colors to create your own fun and wild revamped 80s look for this century.

Scrunchies can be the key component for longer hair

Scrunchies can be the key component for longer hair

Many people put the blame on heat styling tools for breakage and damage. But the damage initially begins with hair ties. If you’ve been trying to grow your hair out with little success, it might be time to chill out on the styling and use scrunchies instead.

Use products that nourish your hair back to health that are free of parabens and sulfates. Trim away damaged ends and start fresh. With the help of scrunchies, you’ll be able to keep your hair out of your face and stay stylish while avoiding damage to the hair shaft.

You can use scrunchies to effortlessly get a non-damaging wavy hairstyle

You can use scrunchies to effortlessly get a non-damaging wavy hairstyle

Scrunchies will be your ultimate hero at night too. If you want to keep your hair out of your face when you sleep or maintain your perfect blowout style, a scrunchie is your best bet. Because it’s soft and wide, not to mention gentle, you won’t wake up with unsightly kinks in your hair.

Unlike other hair ties, it’s not uncomfortable to sleep with one, two, three, or more scrunchies in to maximize your wave potential.

You’ll wake up to gorgeous and soft waves that will make you the envy of everyone. There’s even a Washable-Silk Scrunchie by Lunya that involves no twisting to really make your style potential come alive all while you get those precious Z’s.

The Lunya version allows you to pull the tabs on the sides to get your desired hold. By doing this for your nighttime routine, you keep from breaking and damaging your hair while getting just the right amount of tension you want to give a smoothed yet styled appearance upon waking.

Silk-covered scrunchies in general are one of your best options, whether you’re asleep or awake, for healthy and happy hair. They smooth things out and keep your hair from frizzing away.

If you have textured hair or dry hair, using a silken scrunchie will help your hair stay healthy and look appealing in the morning. It’s certainly worth a shot, especially if you’re tired of waking up bleary-eyed with a mess of hair on your head.

On the fence about this revelation? Tons of women are enthusing about using scrunchies for gorgeous hair that they woke up with. You can try it out on a weekend when you don’t have to hurry into the office and see how your hair will look. We’re betting you’re going to kick yourself for not doing it sooner (we sure were!).

Of course, not all scrunchies were created equal. That’s the same as hair ties too. For example, those hair ties that have the metal piece on them are by far among the worst offenders.

There are seamless ones that are better than that, but scrunchies reign supreme these days for healthy and chic hair. Keep reading to find out how to make the best scrunchie choices!

Why you should invest in good quality scrunchies

Why you should invest in good quality scrunchies

Sure, you could grab some scrunchies out of the dollar bin and call it a day. You may even find cool colors and styles, however, we don’t recommend that. Good quality scrunchies are more important to choose for the overall health of your hair.

As mentioned above, there are many hair tie choices. The better you choose, the better it is for your hair, but hair ties are definitely on their way out. For one, they don’t look as cool on your wrist as a scrunchie does. And for another, they can still bring your hair harm even if they are of decent quality.

So aim for good scrunchies. Here’s why!

Scrunchies provide comfort especially if you suffer from migraine and headaches

Scrunchies provide comfort especially if you suffer from migraine and headaches

Do you get headaches when you have your hair up? Or are you just naturally prone to migraines? If so, a good scrunchie might help you out. Scrunchies flow with your hair and never pull it from the roots so it keeps you from having headaches.

That same pulling is also what leads to hair thinning, hair loss, and receding hairlines. Yikes! A good scrunchie is comfortable to wear all the time and won’t lead to you reaching for the pain reliever every afternoon.

You can create multiple hairstyles and dress scrunchies up with anything

You can create multiple hairstyles and dress them up with anything

Honestly, what’s NOT to love about scrunchies? You can do anything with them. Put up a regular ponytail or make a super-high Ariana Grande-style ponytail. Put it half up, make it a little messy, bun it, top knot it, twist it, braid it…the list goes on and on.

On top of the hairstyle you choose with your scrunchie, your scrunchie can complete your look in the form of color or texture. It’s the ultimate accessory for every woman. A bright scrunchie can add a pop of color to a muted outfit.

Textured scrunchies can add another layer of style with leather, velvet, silk, rhinestones, denim, and so much more. You can buy them in all different colors to match all your looks. If you have a favorite team, you can have your hair show your support by wearing the team colors anywhere.

Scrunchies can also be casual or dressy. The rules have really changed as far as styling is concerned for scrunchies. You can find them to go with anything for any occasion.

Get some for your workouts at the gym. Get some that go great for going out to dinner. You can even find ones that will go beautifully with your dressiest looks!

Scrunchies are difficult to lose

Scrunchies are difficult to lose

Hair ties are so easy to lose. Have you ever bought one of those 50 or 100-packs of them only to have maybe 2 left after a week? It’s beyond frustrating. While it’s not impossible to lose a scrunchie, it’s much less likely. When you feel like taking your hair down, a scrunchie can double as a super-cute bracelet.

Scrunchies can even look cute on your vanity or desk if you put them in a cool clear container to show them off. They’re good for the health of your hair, add zing to your outfits, and make doing your hair fun again.

The 80s are back in the best way possible. While we think those high-waisted jeans need to go away (oh please make them go away!), this is definitely one style from your mom that you’ll want to creep for your own.


When it comes to putting your hair up, hair ties do lots of damage. Even those seamless ones. They pull at the roots and wind up damaging your hair. Scrunchies are a better choice because they are softer.

However, even scrunchies can cause some damage to the hair if they are used in a certain way. For protection against breakage and tangling, always make sure that your scrunchie is made from quality materials, such as silk or satin.

Also try to avoid using a scrunchie on wet/damp hair, as this can increase the risk of damage. And finally, avoid using scrunchies that are too tight, as this can also cause damage to the hair.

The outer material you choose makes the difference for hair health so choose scrunchies that are made from quality rather than going for quantity. That outer material keeps the inner elastic from tugging your tresses and keeps hair from breaking off.

If you want to have versatility in style while accessorizing simultaneously, then get with the 80s retro revamp of scrunchies. You can even use them to wake up like this every morning.

And on those days that you want to keep your hair down, you can always stick a scrunchie on your wrist for one of those just-in-case moments when you need to tie it up. You’ll look stylish and be ready for anything!


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