Author: Hajer Mehrez

Is Pantene good or bad for my hair

Is Pantene good or bad for your hair?

Pantene is not bad for your hair. However, Pantene may or may not be the right product to use on your hair. You should know what is in everything you use, but the key point is that Pantene is not a bad product. I say this because I was lunching […]

Do you wear shorts under your skirts and dresses

Do you wear shorts under your skirts and dresses?

When you wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath any skirt or dress, you increase your comfort level while preventing accidental exposure. It is a great way to wear skirts and dresses without showing off more than you intended. Do you always wear shorts under your skirts and dresses? It’s […]

Nair Burn on Vag What to do and What You Need to Know

Nair burn on Vag: What to do?

One of my friends, who has begged not to be named, called me up recently. She had a hot date coming up with this guy she’d been lusting over. They’d been out a few times and it was becoming clear the feeling was mutual. Naturally, she wanted to tidy up […]

Are Bounce Curl Products Worth the Hype

Are Bounce Curl Products Worth the Hype? [Review]

Bounce Curl products are worth all the attention they get. These formulations are made exclusively for the needs of curly hair, focusing on moisture and protein to keep it healthy and manageable in a natural way. If you have curly hair, as so many of my friends do, Bounce Curl […]

Finger Waves on Type 4 Natural Hair

Want to get a classic wave? Go for the finger wave! No, it’s not taking one finger of your choosing and wiggling it in a friendly way at people that walk by. Though that technically IS a definition of it. The finger wave I speak of is a stunning beauty […]

Why Your Curl Type Doesn't Matter

Why Your Curl Type Doesn’t Matter

Does it really matter what type of curl you have? So many of my curly-girl friends always talk about this, and I’m here to tell you guys that your curl type doesn’t matter at all. Why doesn’t your curl type matter? Your curl type is capable of change and will […]

How to Tighten Curls

How to Tighten Curls

Calling all curly-haired girls! Don’t hate those beautiful curls anymore. Instead, learn how to tighten them and make the rest of us jealous while loving your beautiful and unique look. If you’re wondering how to tighten curls, you’re in the right place! All hair types need love. But curly hair? […]

Can you apply Gelish with plastic tips

Can you apply Gelish with plastic tips?

Have you ever used Gelish before? Maybe you’ve only heard the name thrown around. In case you’re in the dark, it’s a thin, pure UV gel enriched with different pigments that lend it color. It applies just like a regular polish though. But the best part? It lasts so much […]