Author: Hajer Mehrez

Best Face Masks for Dark Spots

Best Face Masks for Dark Spots

One day, your skin is all bright and appealing. And then seemingly the next, there’s a dark spot. Whether it’s from acne scars, aging, too much sun, or even a fluctuation in hormones, those dark spots can take away your confidence. When I noticed some dark spots, I decided to […]

Best Oil-Free Eyeliners

Best Oil-Free Eyeliners in 2021

Do you love wearing eyeliner as much as I do? Probably, since you’re reading this! Hey, we have a special bond! What I love about eyeliner is that it has the potential to discretely bring out your eyes or do a complete 180 and go for big drama. Eyeliner, on […]

20 Best Tan Accelerators for Sunbeds & Outdoors in 2020

20 Best Tan Accelerators for Sunbeds & Outdoors in 2021

Do you want a deeper, bronzer tan? Then you need a tanning accelerator! Whether you prefer sunbeds to outdoors or vice versa, with a little tanning accelerator, you can get a well-rested beach-bronzed vacation-style bod so much faster. Unfortunately, so many tanning accelerators provide such lame results. I’ve tried my […]

Minimalist Fashion Tips The Art of Layering

Minimalist Fashion Tips: The Art of Layering

Is it time to update your wardrobe? No matter your style, there are simple rules of minimalist fashion that you should keep in mind that will always serve you well. When you have these basic items in your closet, you will always have something to wear for any and every […]

Which Hair Color Will Suit You Best

Which Hair Color Will Suit You Best?

They say you should be happy with what you’re born with. And while I agree that you the way you are is most beautiful, sometimes it’s just plain fun to change things up. Also, age can be cruel even when you’re not even remotely “old” in number. That being said, […]

Best Tips to Grow Healthy Natural Hair

Best Tips to Grow Healthy Natural Hair

Why is it that some women seem to have such naturally luscious, long, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair? Part of it can be attributed to genes, but the rest of it is totally up to you. How you take care of yourself, and the hair on your head will dictate […]

How to determine your skin tone and undertone

How to determine your skin undertone

Have you ever bought makeup that you thought looked right for you, but once you tried it on, it didn’t match? The problem isn’t the makeup… it’s that you didn’t choose something that works with your skin tone and undertone. Just knowing this simple fact about your complexion will save […]

Why do you need to pre-poo

Why do you need to pre-poo?

They say a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, but when it comes to pre-poo, I’m willing to make an exception. Before you get disgusted, it has nothing to do with anything coming out of your rear end. Pre-poo is simply short for “pre-shampoo.” This is a step […]