Is it Bad to Curl Your Eyelashes Every day?

Is it Bad to Curl Your Eyelashes Every day?

With nice, thick, curled eyelashes, they can really make your eyes stand out. Who doesn’t want that? But for many of us, it requires a little extra skill to get that perfect curl to your lashes.

Is it bad to curl your eyelashes every day?

Curling your eyelashes every day is actually a bad idea. Research has shown that eyelashes are extremely sensitive, so using the wrong technique, or having dried mascara stick to your curler can damage your lashes and even cause them to fall out.

While there are pro techniques you can master and many women who have done this with exceptional care every day for years and years, when you’re new to it, you have to use the technique sparingly.

It’s not exactly easy to finagle your hands in the proper angle required to curl your eyelashes either. For this reason, it’s best to avoid curling your eyelashes every day.

Other women use the wrong types of curling tools too. This is another problem because it can cause unnecessary strain on your hair follicles. When that happens, they tend to break and fall out.

You might think it’s not so hard to clamp down an eyelash curler on your lashes, but again, that’s not exactly how it goes. You shouldn’t be clamping with extreme force.

And eyelashes are hairs that need to be conditioned and pampered. When you don’t nourish them, they will eventually become dry and brittle and that will cause them to snap off when you curl your eyelashes.

So, if you want to curl your eyelashes on the regular, you should make sure you put in the time, effort, and expense to do it right. You’ll be glad you did when you have lashes that look luscious and are thriving.

Keep reading and you’ll discover the dangers that lurk for your lashes plus how you can pamper and spoil them into healthy, beautiful, and curled lashes you’ll love to show off!

Why it’s bad to curl your eyelashes every day

You know what they say about too much of a good thing. That’s true with curling your eyelashes too. There are very good reasons why experts advise that you take a chill pill on the lash curling. Read on to find out!

You’ll end up pulling your eyelashes out when curling them every day

– You’re pulling your eyelashes out 

Because the technique of properly curling your eyelashes without damaging is one that you must perfect, chances are you’re applying too much pressure to your delicate lash line and the lashes themselves.

This can cause you to accidentally yank them out. Using an eyelash curler causes trauma to the hair follicles on your lash line, something you definitely want to avoid. For if you keep this abuse up, you’ll have no lashes left to curl.

And when you keep inflicting this torture upon your lashes, they won’t grow back. It’s so important to use a very gentle touch and to nourish your lashes. You wouldn’t let the hair on your head get dry and brittle, would you?

In the event you’ve colored or processed your hair on your head an awful lot, you may have noticed a coarse and dry texture that you don’t like. The same thing can happen when you don’t care for your lashes.

So many of us are quick to hit them up with the eyelash curler and slather mascara on them. However, many of us are very guilty of forgetting to condition and love those lashes. They won’t stay youthful and full forever you know.

If you must curl your lashes, save it for a special occasion. Or choose Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Washable Mascara (Amazon link) that has a curling wand to tackle the problem without yanking lashes out.

Lashes need a rest from curling and from makeup too. But all that clamping and crimping really does a number on them so be selective about when you curl them.

Using an eyelash curler every day can increase the risk of an eye infection

– You’re increasing the risk of an eye infection

If you’ve ever had an eye infection of any kind before, you know how un-fun that is. The eyelids are also prone to infections. See, there are always bacteria lurking around the eye area. They hang out on your lashes. It’s pretty gross.

Anyway, for the same reasons makeup artists and health experts alike advise you to toss your mascara tube and buy a new one every 3 months, you should watch it with that eyelash curler.

When is the last time you cleaned it? If the answer is never or it was anything longer than a couple of days ago, you have to start a new habit of making sure you clean it.

When you don’t clean it, that bacteria build up on there. Also, dust and other particles get on that rubber piece too. And you’re just clumping all that grossness right onto your lash line. Ew.

Every week, disinfect it with a soft, clean antibacterial wipe. This will help remove any makeup particles, bacteria, and other gunk that could cause your eyes to inflame and get all oozy right before that big date.

– Your eyelids can get irritated

Do you have dry, red, irritated eyes often? Your eyelash curler might be to blame. The particles in mascara can get into these little oil-producing pores you’ve got on your eyelid and block them.

They’re called meibomian gland pores and what they do is produces the oil your eyes need for that stable tear film. So when you block these pores, you wind up with chronic inflammation known as posterior meibomitis. This is usually why dry eyes pop up to plague you.

Some say you should apply your mascara before curling your lashes, which we don’t recommend. That just gets more remnants of gunk that can cause problems for your eyes. Keep it clean – both the eyelash curler and your lashes – prior to curling.

Other things you should consider are the condition of your eyelash curler. Is the rubber still soft? If it’s dried out and cracking, it’s time for a new one.

And if you have a nickel allergy, you should invest in one that is nickel-free. It’s a little more expensive, but if you like curling your lashes, it will be worth it to avoid the hassle of irritation brought on by your allergies.

For all these reasons, it’s best to avoid curling your eyelashes every day. But for when you want to curl your eyelashes, keep reading to find out the best way to do it with minimal damage.

How to curl your eyelashes without causing them too much damage

How to curl your eyelashes without causing them too much damage

Are you getting ready to go out on the town? If so, you probably want to curl your lashes for maximum eye-boosting glamour. Here are the steps you should take to curl your eyelashes without doing them harm.

– Use an eyelash serum before curling your eyelashes

As mentioned earlier, your eyelashes are like any hairs. If you didn’t condition and take care of the hair on your head, it would be a hot mess. Yet, we seem to forget that lashes need some love too.

If you want them to stay supple and soft, you should use eyelash serum. This will infuse your eyelashes with nutrients and moisture so they grow healthy, strong, and long. Make it a part of your daily routine starting today!

Infinite Lash is one that many experts recommend because of its stellar composition of botanicals, minerals, vitamins, and polypeptides. The key is to use it every day as part of your beauty ritual. When you do, you’ll see a difference in how your lashes look and feel.

Use an eyelash curler then apply mascara

– Eyelash curler then mascara

Are you the kind of woman that puts mascara on first and then curls? We’ve got to stop you of that habit right now. As mentioned before, enough bacteria and gunk build up on your eyelash curler as it is.

You don’t want mascara buildup getting into that mix too.

On top of that, your eyelash curler can stick to the mascara and pull lashes out. If that doesn’t deter you, then think about how you’ll have more smudge potential if you curl after applying your mascara.

Of course, you can put your eyeshadow and eyeliner on before curling your lashes. But again, remember to clean your beauty tools religiously. Some women even find that curling the eyelashes just prior to dealing with applying eye makeup is the winning way to go.

As long as you’re not doing it after you put that mascara on, we say do whatever makes you comfortable, though you’d better do it quick. Your eyelashes will lose that curl if you apply it before your eye shadow and eyeliner!

Another pro tip: curl one eye at a time!

Ideally, you’ll apply your face makeup and get it set. Then you’ll move onto the eyeshadow and eyeliner. And then, you’ll curl one eye, coat it with your mascara, and then repeat the process on the other eye. This should give you maximum curl and lock it into place. You can even seal the deal with a curled mascara brush so you have extra-beautiful lashes!

Choose a high-quality curler to avoid damaging your eyelashes

– Choose a high-quality curler to avoid damaging your eyelashes

An eyelash curler is something you’re going to have for a while. It’s important to invest in a good one. Cheap ones will only serve to damage your lash line.

One thing you want to avoid is an eyelash curler with a slippery grip. You don’t want it catching on your lashes and pulling them out. Get one that has a great grip.

Another point in choosing a quality eyelash curler is to find one that fits the curve of the lash lines. This way, it can grab the entire width of your lashes without missing them. So avoid choosing ones that are more curved.

– Don’t heat your eyelash curler

Have you heard the tip about heating your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for a few seconds to get a better curl? Oh please don’t do this! They also make heated eyelash curlers. And while so many people swear these are the best, they are definitely not for those new to curling lashes.

First, just don’t heat up your eyelash curler. If you do, you could compromise the rubber piece and cause all kinds of eyelash problems. Plus, your lashes are even more delicate hairs than the hairs on your head.

You know your hair needed special love when exposed to heat styling. Eyelashes are even more important to protect from heat. It can cause them to break plus it can ruin their texture.

Heated eyelash curlers, which are more expensive, claim to bring a stronger and longer-lasting curl. But if you have little experience, you can wind upholding that curler on for too long. Even a second too long can damage your lashes.

Something else to think about too with adding heat is that you are putting something HOT near your eyes! Yowch! Have you ever accidentally slipped when you were curling or flat-ironing your hair with a heat styling tool and burnt yourself?

Imagine doing that to your eyeball or the delicate skin around your eye. That’s definitely not an attractive look, sporting a burn mark near your eyes.

With eyelash curling, it is best to keep things simple. Use the serum and use a traditional non-heated curler, then apply mascara.

And speaking of using the eyelash curler, read on to find out one of the top mistakes women make when curling their eyelashes!

Don't clamp down your eyelashes hard for too long to avoid damage

– Don’t clamp down your lashes hard for too long 

Here’s the biggest mistake women make when curling their lashes. And you’re likely doing it without even realizing it! Most women use the eyelash curler with such force and intensity that you’d think they were crushing an intruding bug that scuttled out from under the sink.

The thing is, when you buy a good eyelash curler, you won’t have to apply the death clamp on it or hold it down long. Simply use a quick pulse and light touch. If even a light touch and a quick hold don’t cut it, consider replacing the pad on your curler to get a better curl.

That’s a good option if you already have a high-quality curler that’s not cutting the mustard. But if your curler is a cheap model and you’ve had it for ages, it’s most certainly time for an upgrade.

To get the best curl, you should GENTLY pump your curler between 4 and 8 times at the root. Release and open it up, then pump it up along points on the lashes and at the tips for that big finish of a curl.

You’ll wind up with a curved look rather than an 80s retro crimp style. You should never hold it down too hard or too long. About 5 seconds should do the trick.

Clean your eyelash curler after every use

– Don’t forget to clean your eyelash curler after every use

We glazed over this before, but it’s so important that it’s worth detailing further. At least once a week, you should take the time to clean your eyelash curler. Use something that has antiseptic in it or is antibacterial. Those wipes can really do the trick.

Doing this regularly, say every couple of days or each week, depending on how often you use them, will keep you free and clear of getting a hideous eye infection.

No one wants to wind up looking like Quasimodo so take care of your eyelash curler. Those gross germs and makeup buildup on there can cause a nasty infection. Cleanse it gently to make sure you get everything off.

If you frequently use a waterproof liner, it might be a good idea to use makeup remover first and then an antibacterial wipe to ensure every bit of debris is gone. Just do so carefully. You don’t want to damage that rubber piece which is crucial for your curling.

– Replace the curler pads regularly

While your eyelash curler will last for a while, those curler pads will wear down over time. When they do, there’s usually no need to replace the entire curler unless it’s very old or it was a cheap quality curler. You can simply replace those pads.

If you don’t and they wear down, you will expose your lashes to the metal. Those pads are there to protect your lashes. When you buy an eyelash curler, it should come with at least one extra set of pads so you can replace them.

Should that pad wear down, it can break your lashes off or cut them. You definitely don’t want that look. Then you’ll have nothing left to curl. So do yourself a favor. Inspect your eyelash curler regularly. If the pads look worn down, replace them at once to avoid a major beauty mishap!


You really shouldn’t curl your eyelashes every day. Doing so can exert to much stress on your delicate lashes and damage them for good. If you don’t want your lashes falling out before their prime, limit your curling to special occasions only.

Much like with makeup itself, our tender faces need the utmost of care. Sometimes that means taking a day off. You wouldn’t wear a full face of makeup if you were sitting home alone all day, would you? Of course not!

Taking care of your lashes and giving them extra nourishment is the best way to prevent problems now and down the road. Use a good lash serum to infuse them with hydration and nutrition so they stay strong and healthy.

With your eyelash curler, always buy a top-quality one that will serve you well. But don’t forget to keep it clean. If you neglect it, it can cause your eye area irritation and then you’ll have to go without eye makeup until it clears up.

Don’t use your eyelash curler after applying your mascara. Make sure you always do your curling before you apply it, and never heat your tool up. You can suffer a burn that will look about as bad as an infection, possibly worse.

And above all, no matter how outstanding your eyelash curler is, maintain it well by checking the pads on it. When those wear down, they can bring major damage to your lashes.

Follow these eyelash curler rules and you’ll preserve the integrity of your lash line!

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did make sure to check out this one why your eyelashes aren’t curling.


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