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Can You Swim with Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an amazing invention that has helped many women with waning lash lines find newfound confidence.

Instead of having to finagle false eyelashes into place, eyelash extensions allow you to go with a fuller and more natural-looking boost of lashes every day.

They don’t last forever of course, but they can really bolster your confidence. So much so, that you might be thinking of getting them done just prior to taking a vacation somewhere sunny and tropical.

Or perhaps you already live in a sunny locale. But can you go swimming with eyelash extensions ? Does swimming with eyelash extensions ruin them?

Will you be able to swim with eyelash extensions, or are they one of the beauty products that are strictly forbidden for your pool/beach bag? Read on to find out.

Can You Swim with Eyelash Extensions?

You CAN swim with eyelash extensions BUT you should be cautious about how you do so. You should never get your lashes wet until 48 hours have passed after having your eyelash extensions added on depending on the type of glue used by your technician.

After that, you can get them wet but you should proceed with just a little more caution. That glue might be semi-permanent but the chlorine in the pool can make it wear down more quickly.

If you’re keeping your head out of the water, perhaps since you’ve had a new color done on your hair too, then you won’t have very much to worry about.

If you do want to go for a good swim, which is great exercise btw, you should take a few more precautions to ensure you keep your lash extensions in good condition. You surely don’t want them wearing out before their prime.

That water is ultra-tempting when it’s hot outside. And while you can probably go ahead and order more frozen cocktails, nothing is more lovely than cooling off in the water.

So, keep reading and you’ll find out just how to get the best of both worlds – eyelash extensions and enjoying the world of water on a hot and sunny day!

Does swimming with eyelash extensions ruin them?

Swimming with eyelash extensions will ruin them. But it’s not as cut and dry as that. See, once applied correctly and topped with sealer, you should wait 48 hours before getting them wet. Part of how long eyelash extensions last and how well they fare depends on how your technician applies those eyelash extensions.

Different technicians use different techniques. Before selecting a professional to apply your eyelash extensions, you should most certainly inquire about their technique and see what adhesives, primers, and sealants are used.

A properly licensed lash-certified professional will be happy to tell you and show you before and after photos too.

But it’s not just the skill of the eyelash pro you go to. There are certain rules that always apply to lash extensions that you should remember even if you’re not packing your bags for a glamorous getaway.

There’s quite a bit to know about caring for your eyelash extensions, especially when you might be getting them wet. So, keep reading to find out how to lengthen the enjoyment of your eyelash extensions without ruining them!

Will saltwater and chlorine ruin my eyelash extensions?

Chlorine and salt water are both incredibly drying and can cause your extensions to become brittle and fall out prematurely. If you must swim while wearing your extensions, make sure to use a waterproof sealant to protect them from the water.

If you’re careful to keep your extensions well-protected while swimming, they should last for the full two to four weeks that they’re typically meant to last.

While you should never get your lash extensions wet immediately after they’ve been applied, once they’ve been put in place for a few days to a week after, you should be fine.

If you’re planning to get your eyelash extensions done before your trip, you should set the appointment enough in advance so you have no worries.

But it’s not all sun, surf, and sand, love. For all things must be in moderation. If you hop in the pool and keep your sunnies on without dunking your head and avoid getting splashed, you have little to worry about.

Even if you do go under to cool off, a little swimming after your lash extensions have been put into place will not harm them.

However, if you swim all day every day, in the pool or the salty sea, it’s going to ruin your lashes. The glue will loosen and you’ll have that to contend with when you’re miles and miles away from your lash pro.

That’s not the only trouble you’ll find if you keep making a splash. Some water sources can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Because of the way eyelash extensions are applied, they can retain that bacteria, leaving you with an infection. An eye infection is never fun, but on a vacation, especially if you’re in another land, can be the biggest buzzkill imaginable.

With an infection, you’ll have no choice but to remove those eyelash extensions no matter how long you’ve had them on. What a waste!

So, it pays to be a bit selective about your beachy activities after you get your eyelash extensions. You want to get your money’s worth, don’t you?

That doesn’t mean you have to sulk into your frozen daiquiri while sweating it out on a lounger the entire time, but it does mean you need to be selective about how you engage in water activities as well as how often.

If you keep reading, you’ll find out how you can continue to enjoy the water without compromising your eyelash extensions though!

How to take care of your eyelash extensions while swimming

Once you’ve found a proper professional lash technician that you can schedule an appointment with, you’ll need to know how to take care of your eyelash extensions. They are a great investment, but they aren’t cheap.

And ruining them right after you get them won’t just be a waste of money. It could potentially ruin your vacation. Keep reading to find out our top care tips for eyelash extensions for swimming, sunning, and funning!

Don’t get your lashes wet for the first 48h

Whether you’ve had lash extensions installed before or not, you should never ever have them done the day before you plan to head out on your vacation. NEVER! At a minimum, you should wait a full 48 hours before getting them wet in any way, shape, or form. You can’t even shower, not even if you avoid your face. Steam is a big no-no too. So, no showers, no steam, no steam rooms, no hot tubs, and no swimming.

In fact, experts will tell you it’s really ideal if you wait 48 hours before doing any of these things. Especially if you want to go to the beach.

And even more so if you want to jump into the ocean. The bonding agent used to seal your lashes takes around 4 to 6 hours to do its thing and this time is critical. You don’t want the chance of getting it wet.

You’d think the saltwater would be ok, but the salt and other natural ocean debris will cling to your lashes. It’s best to keep all chlorinated and salted water away from your lashes. If you absolutely must cool down, keep your head away from the water.

Another problem with the beach is that with all that wind, sand can come into play too. You must be very careful, for if it blows sand into your eyes, you’ll be tempted to rub them. But that too is another big no-no in the eyelash extension world.

This is why you really should plan ahead for your eyelash extensions to be done in advance of your beach plans so you have no worries and life will truly be a beach. Wear eye protection to keep sand away.

And speaking of that…

Wear goggles

If you love swimming and have been planning your trip for a while, we can’t say anything to stop you. There really is nothing more refreshing than floating down the lazy river at your 5-star hotel, riding one of those awesome waterslides, or even getting into the ocean.

But when you do, put on goggles. This is essential if you plan to do laps to keep fit or if you want to spend lots of time in the water doing water activities.

It’s not in the least bit sexy, but need we remind you that even having your eyelash extensions start to unglue on your vacation is worse. And worse than that? An eye infection! Suddenly those goggles are starting to look hotter by the minute!

Other than that, your only other option is to keep your sunnies on and keep your face away from the water. Little splashes and exposure to pool water or saltwater will not harm lash extensions that have been in place for more than 48 hours, but you don’t want to push your luck.

Don’t rub your eyes

One of the biggest problems you will have at the pool is when the chlorine bothers your eyes. You’ll be tempted to rub them but the abrasion of rubbing and the chlorine will damage your lash extensions.

You also need to be careful with your towel. You should be in the habit of patting your face dry when you wash it but at the pool after cocktails or just lots of sun, you might forget your good habits and rub.

When your face is wet, pat it and take extra care to avoid touching it to your eyes. It’s a good idea to take along a freshwater mist to spray your lash extensions if you’re out on the beach. If you’re at a resort, you can go rinse your lashes with fresh water in a sink.

Rinsing the debris away whether you’re at the pool or beach is a big deal for lash extensions. It will help them stay in good condition. Of course, if you’re still in that 24 to 48-hour period, you shouldn’t wet them at all, but after that, this will help!

Be careful when applying suntan lotion and sunscreen

You absolutely MUST be vigilant with your SPF products when going for a swim. Unless you’re staying at a completely indoor pool in the dead of winter, that sunscreen is going to save you from aging your skin prematurely. Plus, it can protect you from skin cancer.

But when you apply that sunscreen or even use suntan lotion, be careful with your lashes. The ingredients in them could be the undoing of the adhesive that binds your eyelash extensions.

Another thing to worry about is all the other guests at the pool. Surely, they’re donning lots of SPF products themselves.

Even those waterproof formulas get in the mix of the pool water. Your own products have the potential to run down your face and into your eye area, weakening the bond.

Choose wisely with your sun protection products. Anything that has polyethylene glycol (known as PEG), hexylene glycol, propylene glycol, or butylene can wear down the adhesive on your lash extensions.

Try not to use the kind that sprays. If that’s unavoidable, spray it into one hand and use your fingers to very carefully apply it to your face. Take special care not to get it near your lashes.

An oil-free sunscreen is truly your best choice for keeping chemical exposures to a minimum while protecting your skin and saving your lash extensions.

Rinse your face

Again, we must insist that you have your lash extensions done well in advance of your trip. You should make sure that you schedule your appointment so that you have a minimum of 24 hours before your trip, though ideally, you’ll wait 48 hours or more.

Once that waiting period is up, rinsing your face is a must when you encounter the pool or saltwater in the sea. After you swim, rinse your lashes off using cool water. This will help get the chlorine off of them. Take your time to rinse, rinse, and rinse, being gentle and careful not to rub.

Don’t forget to use the patting technique when drying your face, avoiding your eyes so you don’t apply unnecessary pressure to your lash line.

When you take the time to take care of your lash extensions, even with exposure to the elements, you can keep them in place and looking good until it’s time to have them filled again.


You can still enjoy your tropical vacation or be the belle of summer fun outdoors when you have eyelash extensions. But you have to know how to take care of them.

Ensuring you get your appointment squared away with a true lash professional plenty of time before you jet off on your adventures is the first step.

After that, you must take care to avoid wetting your eyelash extensions for 24 to 48 hours. Even steam in your own bathroom can ruin them so watch out!

Once this time period has passed, you’re free to get your lashes wet and enjoy the pool or ocean. However, limiting how much you wet them will make all the difference in how long your lash extensions will hold up.

If you plan to actively get in the water all the time, perhaps for jet skiing, surfing, or even just a good old-fashioned swim, it’s wise to wear goggles to keep from oversaturating your lashes.

On top of that, chemicals in the pool and debris in the ocean can lead to an infection which is never your best look.

Of course, if your goal is to just lounge by the pool and have the hot cabana boy bring you drinks all afternoon, go for it. Just watch out with your sunscreen and choose one that is oil-free. Even sweatproof and waterproof formulas can run down your face and into your eyes.

Now that you know how to take care of your lash extensions and enjoy your time in the sun, go for it! You’ll have those come-hither lashes and the time of your life!


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