Why Your Curl Type Doesn't Matter

Why Your Curl Type Doesn’t Matter

Does it really matter what type of curl you have? So many of my curly-girl friends always talk about this, and I’m here to tell you guys that your curl type doesn’t matter at all. Why doesn’t your curl type matter? Your curl type is capable of change and will […]

How to Tighten Curls

How to Tighten Curls

Calling all curly-haired girls! Don’t hate those beautiful curls anymore. Instead, learn how to tighten them and make the rest of us jealous while loving your beautiful and unique look. If you’re wondering how to tighten curls, you’re in the right place! All hair types need love. But curly hair? […]

Which Hair Color Will Suit You Best

Which Hair Color Will Suit You Best?

They say you should be happy with what you’re born with. And while I agree that you the way you are is most beautiful, sometimes it’s just plain fun to change things up. Also, age can be cruel even when you’re not even remotely “old” in number. That being said, […]

Best Tips to Grow Healthy Natural Hair

Best Tips to Grow Healthy Natural Hair

Why is it that some women seem to have such naturally luscious, long, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair? Part of it can be attributed to genes, but the rest of it is totally up to you. How you take care of yourself, and the hair on your head will dictate […]

Why do you need to pre-poo

Why do you need to pre-poo?

They say a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, but when it comes to pre-poo, I’m willing to make an exception. Before you get disgusted, it has nothing to do with anything coming out of your rear end. Pre-poo is simply short for “pre-shampoo.” This is a step […]

Best Conditioners for Curly Hair

Best Conditioners for Curly Hair in 2021

There are 2 kinds of curly-haired girls…the ones that love their curls and embrace them for all they’ve got, or the ones who go to insane lengths to flat-iron out any hint of a curl. Which one are you? Hopefully, you’ve decided to just love those curls. Or you at […]

How to Get the Perfect Wash and Go Every Time!

How to Get the Perfect Wash and Go Every Time!

Curly-haired girls love summer because it’s so effortless to get that wash-and-go curl poppin’ you love. It really is more simple since the heat tends to work with you. But in the winter, can you get the same poppin’ locks? It seems many women think they can only get this […]