Girl wondering, can curly hair become straight naturally

Can wavy hair become straight naturally?

If you hate your waves, you should probably know plenty of straight-haired people would kill for them. Still, we all want the hair we don’t have, don’t we? For those with natural waves, you might iron them out or have your processed to squelch your hair’s natural urge to curl […]

multiple scrunchies on a table

Are scrunchies safe for your hair?

Apparently, scrunchies were HUGE in the 1980s. Just ask anyone who grew up during those times or take a look back at old photos. Every girl wore them. Every girl had a collection as vast as the sea. They were THE must-have accessory then. And now, they’re once again the […]

Beautiful young woman wearing false lashes

Can you wear false lashes every day?

Nothing looks more youthful and sassy than thick, long, and full eyelashes. They seem to really attract like nothing else. Likely, it’s the science behind it (seriously, read our post about why long eyelashes are attractive here!). But in addition to the scientific basis, it sure feels good to have […]

Girl with half her hair straight, half her hair wavy

Can hair change from straight to wavy?

If you hate your hair the way it is naturally, there’s good news for you! Perhaps you’ve wondered, can hair change from straight to wavy? Scientists can’t say for certain what makes hair change from straight to curly but it’s likely a unique combination of hormones, body chemistry, medication, and […]

Is curling your eyelashes bad

Is it bad to curl your eyelashes every day?

With nice, thick, curled eyelashes, they can really make your eyes stand out. Who doesn’t want that? But for many of us, it requires a little extra skill to get that perfect curl to your lashes. Many people wonder, is it bad to curl your eyelashes every day? Curling your […]

Girl with wet curly hair that looks straight

Why curly hair looks straight when wet

If you have curly hair, chances are you dream of straight hair. Every curly-haired girl envies her friends with smooth, straight hair and gives them the side-eye when they say, “Oh I wish I had curls.” No. You don’t. But these curls are a blessing because they’re unique and beautiful. […]

Man with bald shiny head

How to make your bald head shiny?

Let’s face it…bald can be a very beautiful thing! In fact, it’s pretty trendy right now. But don’t kid yourself that it’s easy to keep a hairless head full of shine. It takes some effort to polish it up for a look that makes bald cool. Men with shiny bald […]