Girl wondering if split ends stop hair growth

Do Split Ends Stop Hair Growth?

When split ends show up, they can undo your whole style. Instead of having a nice smooth texture, your hair will look rough and ratty at the ends. Not exactly fashionable, is it? So, do split ends stop hair growth? Contrary to popular belief, split ends will not stop hair […]

Girl shaving her facial hair

How to get rid of facial hair permanently

Beards are for men, right? If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed coarse hair growing on your face, it can be panic-inducing. After all, as a woman, you expect your face to be soft and smooth, free of hair. We’re all different and this isn’t something to be […]

Women suffering from hair falling when shampooing

Is it Normal that Hair Fall Occurs When Shampooing?

You’re in the shower, washing that man out of your hair when suddenly, you notice something else washing away… your hair down the drain! Drain clogs aside, you might be wondering if there is something wrong with you. Is it Normal that Hair Fall Occurs When Shampooing? And how much […]