Girl using a hairbrush to brush her hair

Best Hair Brushes for 2021

Where did you get your hair brush? So many of us are guilty at some point or another of just grabbing the cheapest one we find. I, too, was once in the school of thought that a brush is a brush is a brush. I stand corrected and want to […]

Girl using a blow dryer to style her hair

Best Hair Dryers for 2021

I don’t think I know any woman who doesn’t own a hair dryer. It’s a staple in all our bathrooms because, well, we’re impatient about letting our hair dry. Also, in winter, it’s definitely not wise to go outside with wet hair. And then, of course, there’s achieving hair perfection […]

Girl touching her smooth skin after using an epilator

Best Epilators for 2021

Want to stop nicking yourself when you shave and having to shave often? An epilator might be the best thing for you. Now wait. I know what you’re going to say because I had the same thought. “Isn’t it a form of torture?” Not even! At first, it does take […]

Girl wondering if she can re-dye her hair the next day

Can you re-dye your hair the next day?

Having your hair colored at the salon is expensive. Not everyone can afford to budget for that, especially when you’re doing a color that leads you to have roots every 4 to 6 weeks. I, for one, often dye my hair. I go and pick out the essentials and then […]

What happens if you leave hair dye in too long

What happens if you leave hair dye in too long?

Ever wonder what you might look with a drastically different hair color? I’ve played that game before, feeling those soft and silky hair samples in front of the hair dye boxes. Fun as it is to fantasize about new hair colors, we have to be practical. I’m not saying you […]

Hot to clean scrunchies and hair bands

How do you clean your hair bands and scrunchies?

Ah, scrunchies! The best accessory from the 1980s has returned. And while our moms are busy telling us stories of what life was like back then, they’re happy to sport the look too. After all, scrunchies aren’t just cool to look at with their variety of fabrics, textures, colors, and […]

Young woman shocked as she sees her first grey hair in her 20s

Is it normal to get grey hair in your 20s?

Most people associate grey hair with old age. It’s not a far-off assumption of course, though with current hair color trends, many young people are willingly coloring their hair to a grey shade. It’s certainly losing its association with just being for your grandparents. But what about when hair naturally […]

Beautiful woman with long strong hair after taking care of it for 7 years

Is it true your hair changes every 7 years?

What was your hair like as a kid? Was it a different color than it is now? Perhaps it was a different texture too. Are you wondering, is it true your hair changes every 7 years? Yes, it does! You’re totally not imagining anything. Even in your adult years, which […]