Why Won't My Hair Take Color

Why Won’t My Hair Take Color

Are you seasonal with your hair color? I know plenty of women that love to lighten things up just a hair, pardon the pun, as the weather warms. Then as pumpkin spice lattes pop back onto menus, they’re trending toward darker shades. But sometimes, it’s not so easy to change […]

girl trying to get rid of orange hair after bleaching her hair

How to Fix Orange Hair After Bleaching?

Dark-haired girls always seem to look at blondes with envy. Guys turn their heads at blondes like they’re mythical unicorns. And hey, maybe they do have more fun… right? I’ve done the blonde thing before, and yeah, it was fun. But here’s the thing…you need to know what you’re doing, […]

Can You Mix Conditioner with Bleach?

Can You Mix Conditioner with Bleach?

I know I’ve mentioned before that having your hair a little greasy and even using coconut oil can really help keep your hair from turning into straw when bleaching. After those posts, I received questions from you guys about conditioner. The most popular question was, “Can I mix conditioner with […]

Girl using a straightening iron to straight her hair

Best Hair Straighteners That Make Hair Silky

We always want what we can’t have, am I right? That’s so true when it comes to what we’re born with. Straight-haired girls wish they had curls. Curly-haired girls give them the death stare as they whimper about their silky-straight strands. If only they knew! You have blue eyes but […]

Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair 2022 edition

Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair 2023 edition

It’s the golden rule you simply must follow if you dye your hair or enhance it with another type of chemical treatment…you must maintain it! Particularly when it comes to coloring your hair, that color fades out from UV exposure, mineral deposits, and toxins in the water you use to […]

Shiny, healthy dyed hair

Best At-Home Hair Dyes for 2023

If you’ve ever had your hair colored at the salon, you know how pretty a penny that cost is! Depending on the salon, the color process you choose, and the length of your hair, among other things, you’re looking at somewhere around $75 on the low end to well over […]

Can You Dye Freshly Washed Hair?

Can You Dye Freshly Washed Hair?

I know I’m not alone in saying that when I’ve dyed my hair at previous points in my life that my scalp felt itchy. That’s much thanks to the chemicals. And while you might not have a serious allergic reaction, that itchiness and irritation can drive you mad. As you’re […]

Best Curling Wands for 2023

Whether you have pin-straight hair that you want to change into bouncy, luscious curls, or you have a natural wave or curl that never behaves, a curling wand can be one of your very best friends. Gone are the days of those clumsy versions that make it an impossible chore. […]