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girl trying to get rid of orange hair after bleaching her hair

How to Fix Orange Hair After Bleaching?

Dark-haired girls always seem to look at blondes with envy. Guys turn their heads at blondes like they’re mythical unicorns. And hey, maybe they do have more fun… right? I’ve done the blonde thing before, and yeah, it was fun. But here’s the thing…you need to know what you’re doing, […]

Can you mix conditioner with bleach

Can you mix conditioner with bleach?

I know I’ve mentioned before that having your hair a little greasy and even using coconut oil can really help keep your hair from turning into straw when bleaching. After those posts, I received questions from you guys about conditioner. The most popular question was, “Can I mix conditioner with […]

Shiny, healthy dyed hair

Best At-Home Hair Dyes for 2021

If you’ve ever had your hair colored at the salon, you know how pretty a penny that cost is! Depending on the salon, the color process you choose, and the length of your hair, among other things, you’re looking at somewhere around $75 on the low end to well over […]