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Why do you need to pre-poo

Why do you need to pre-poo?

They say a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, but when it comes to pre-poo, I’m willing to make an exception. Before you get disgusted, it has nothing to do with anything coming out of your rear end. Pre-poo is simply short for “pre-shampoo.” This is a step […]

What are Your Little Luxuries in Life

What are Your Little Luxuries in Life?

When someone suggests you should treat yourself, what is it you envision? Perhaps you’re like me, and you picture yourself on one of those mega-yacht charters where you merely think of a refreshing cocktail and BOOM! There it is, brought to you by the intuitive yacht crew. And if you’re […]

What's the best toner for brassy hair

Best Toners for Brassy Hair in 2021

If you’re not a natural blonde, the thrill of bleaching your hair to that fun, lighter, carefree color seems like a great idea. Until you have to maintain it. There are so many different shades of blonde and, of course, that all has to do with the undertone, or base […]