Why do Girls wear Chokers?

Why do Girls Wear Chokers?

Chokers are a fashion option with over 4,500 years of history. Even though this tight-fitting necklace has only been popular for about 20 years, it is still one of the most popular fashion trends practiced today.

Although chokers are seen as being popular among teens, you can find women wearing them everywhere today. Some designs are even appropriate for professional settings.

If you have been thinking about wearing a choker, there could be several reasons why it seems like a beneficial choice.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers?

Girls wear chokers because the neck is a prominent area for most clothing choices. It allows them to catch the attention of someone in a single glance while delivering an extra boost of confidence. It is not meant as an accessory that objectifies a girl in any way.

When you look up why girls wear chokers online, one of the top results says that women used to wear plain red ribbons to indicate that they were prostitutes.

A simple black choker might indicate the individual was attracted to both genders.

That is not the case in today’s society. Many celebrities started wearing this necklace option in the 1990s, and it has become a fashion trend that stuck around.

Here are some of the most common reasons why girls are wearing chokers right now.

1. It’s a style preference that she enjoys.

Humans boast some unique features. One of them is a preference for a personal style that feels perfect because that emotional connection leads to higher levels of self-esteem and confidence. For many girls, the idea of wearing a choker that matches the rest of their outfit creates a perfect look.

Girls with long necks tend to wear this necklace because it accentuates one of their best physical attributes. It is also a popular choice since it can be accessorized in numerous ways.

When women feel like they have achieved a perfect style, it creates a positive feeling that washes all over them physically and emotionally. It becomes a special tool that accentuates their own perspective of attractiveness.

2. Chokers are part of her cultural heritage.

The first human cultures that embraced the idea of wearing chokers were in Egypt and the Mesopotamia region.

Girls and women that come from this background sometimes embrace the idea of wearing a choker because it connects them to their ancestors.

When looking at historical figures who have embraced the idea of wearing a choker, one of the most prominent women was Anne Boleyn. She was portrayed in the 16th century wearing a choker necklace in the paintings created for her during that era.

Boleyn wore a string of pearls that had a letter be attached to it that clung to her neck.

The only link to prostitution with this fashion style comes from the 1860s from a Manet painting. This work is more likely a political statement then an accurate reflection of society at the time because many Royals during the Victorian era chose to wear a similar style.

Even Queen Victoria is seen in many of her portraits wearing a choker during her reign.

3. It provides an element of social inclusion.

Fashion trends have a powerful influence on society. When we see something that looks good on someone else, we often want to duplicate that look in our own way.

With more than 20 years of celebrities wearing chokers, it’s only natural that many girls would copy that look because they admire the work, look, or personality of the role model involved.

If everyone else is wearing a choker, it might feel dangerous to not wear one around friends because he would be different.

4. Some girls wear chokers for attention-seeking purposes.

We all wear clothing and accessories in ways that generate positive attention. Some individuals dress in specific styles because they know it will cause a negative reaction from family or friends instead.

When looking at the inclusion of chokers, girls can go in both directions with this option. It can be something that speaks of rebelliousness, or it can also be a way to create a respectful look that complements one’s personality.

It can be easy to assume that someone wearing a choker wants to be in the limelight. That is sometimes the case, but it is essential not to make assumptions when meeting someone with this accessory.

There will always be some women who wear chokers because they want the stereotypical attention from people who make assumptions. For everyone else, the goal is to create an outcome that they find to be pleasurable.

5. It can be a visual representation of a feminist statement.

Until the 1800s, most human societies were dominated by the male perspective. Most women didn’t have the right to vote, own property, or have control over their lives globally. It is only in the past century that a move toward more equality is becoming consistent.

Chokers represent solidarity to some women and girls. It’s a way to communicate without words the fact that everyone is in a specific fight together. When you are trying to make changes in society, it feels good to know that others out there have your back.

Wearing a choker is a quiet way to deliver that message.

6. Chokers can be a visual representation of boldness.

Most people don’t broadcast their hopes and dreams because someone inevitably tries to put up barriers to those goals. Although we all find allies in our family and friends, it isn’t always easy to find the outside support needed to accomplish specific tasks.

Wearing a choker is a way for girls to tell the rest of the world that they see themselves as powerful and fearless. It becomes a way to self-identify with the various goals that they hope to accomplish throughout their lives.

For some women, the concept of wearing a choker helps them to realize their potential of going against the grain of what society expects them to be. Even though we’ve had a push toward global equality for everyone, those results aren’t always realized within the family environment.

Girls can use the symbolism of a choker to prepare themselves for the challenges that they face when their dreams go against what their family wants them to do or be in life.

7. It helps women identify their role in society.

Many girls see female celebrities as role models. Some people identify with these individuals at such a level that they copy everything about them. That includes their sense of style and fashion.

It means a choker would be incorporated with that look if their idol is also wearing one. Why are role models important in society?

Although we often look to parents and family members to define who we are, some girls don’t have that luxury. About one in four women will be assaulted at some point in their lifetime by a person who is close to them.

Do you really want to look up to a person if their primary goal is to hurt you?

Positive role models that come outside the family structure are a way to explore individuality without a commitment to a specific person. It’s also a way to feel connected to someone from a distance, which often leads to an enhanced sense of self-worth.

8. This accessory can serve as a personal attachment to a favorite item.

Girls form significant attachments to different toys and accessories when compared to boys. That fact extends to the transgender realm. Wearing a choker allows a woman to feel more secure about who they are in their current circumstances.

Even though it occurs subconsciously for many girls and women, there is more safety associated with a favorite item or adornment than living life without it.

A choker can be an essential item in that regard because it changes a girl’s mindset, allowing her to become the best version of herself.

9. It serves as a confidence booster.

We all use life hacks to get ourselves through difficult situations. With about one-third of the general population dealing with high levels of anxiety at some point each year, everyone needs to find coping mechanisms that help them push their way past their fears.

Some women might put on a favorite lipstick when Monday rolls around because it gives them a confidence boost to get through a stressful day at work. By the time Friday appears, she might not put on any lipstick at all because she’s ready for what’s about to come.

Girls can use numerous accessories to accomplish a similar goal. They might put on a bracelet, strap in some pigtails, or wear a choker.

With the necklace there, it delivers a constant reminder of comfort. You can fiddle with it whenever the need arises to gain some extra courage and confidence.

10. Girls can use a choker as a reminder to take risks.

Many people take risks when interested in moving to a new city, learning something new, or dealing with an unexpected experience. It’s one of the best ways that all of us embrace the trade of curiosity.

It can be risky to try a new fashion style or put on a different necklace than usual. Girls are consciously choosing to stand out or conform with those decisions.

Chokers allow girls to feel connected across many different cultures and circumstances because of the history of this item. When wearing this accessory, there is always a risk that someone might stop and offer an unsolicited comment.

As more women embrace the idea of wearing a choker, they take power away from the bullies that attempt to define their behavior from the outside. It’s a way to take control away from those who shouldn’t have it in the first place.

11. There can be personal reasons to choose a choker.

There can be several personal reasons why girls would choose to wear a choker. Here are some of the most common options that aren’t already listed.

  • It is easy to customize a choker with diamonds, pearls, or other precious and semi-precious stones that communicate class and sophistication.
  • It is a versatile piece that works with almost any outfit, creating more opportunities to mix and match with what is in the closet.
  • Women can create chokers out of almost any material, including lace, ribbon, or fabric strips. It’s an affordable way to add a fashion accessory.

Even though it might not sound like a reason to some, some girls wear chokers because they think it looks good. That’s sometimes the only reason that is needed to choose something.

Are Chokers a Great Fashion Accessory to Wear?

Chokers provide another option as a neck-based accessory to complement various fashion and clothing styles. Because it fits tightly around the neck, it is less likely to catch on materials like other jewelry. That provides a valuable safety benefit in personal and professional settings.

The best reason to wear a choker is that it is something that you want to do. Whether for a personal statement or because you love how it looks with a specific outfit, this item should deliver a confidence boost in any setting.

Although a choker is not for everyone, many girls love to wear one because it bridges the gap between traditional style and a touch of rebelliousness.


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