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Attractive girl with long lashes

Why are long eyelashes attractive?

Have you ever wondered why long eyelashes are considered attractive? If so, perhaps you’ve wondered why you spend all that time steadying your hand to slick mascara onto your lashes. The roots of where mascara got its start are fascinating. We can credit Cleopatra for eyeliner but mascara wasn’t invented […]

Eye with straight eyelashes

Why are my eyelashes not curling?

Eyelashes really bring out our eyes for more full-on drama. Accentuating your eyelashes can make all the difference in your look. Whether you were born with full and fluttery lashes or you need to work a little harder to make them stand out, one thing you’ll want to do is […]

Girl waiting for her beauty blender to dry

Fastest way to dry your Beauty Blender

Have you heard of the Beauty Blender? It’s an awesome makeup tool. Don’t mistake it for a makeup sponge though. While it is a bit of a sponge of sorts, Beauty Blender is constructed from proprietary materials that make it better than those drugstore makeup sponges. It’s designed to minimally […]

Girl wondering if she can sleep with eyelashes on

Can you sleep with false lashes on?

If you wear false eyelashes, you might be wondering if you can sleep with them still on? You CAN do anything you wish, but the real question is should you sleep in false eyelashes? You shouldn’t sleep with fake eyelashes on, because it can cause the skin around your eyelids […]

Girl getting a suntan on the beach
Skin care

Can a suntan be permanent?

That sun-kissed suntan color gives a healthy look to your skin, as long as you’re protecting it from the damaging rays. Sun gives us vitamin D and being exposed to the sun in proper protected doses is a good thing. A long hot summer spent at the beach or by […]

Girl wondering if vegan cosmetics are cruelty free

Are vegan cosmetics cruelty free?

Every woman wants to look her most beautiful, but at what cost? When you pull off that smoky eye, lengthen your lashes in rich mascara, or plump up your lips with a bright come-hither color, do you know if the brand you’re using is testing it on animals? It should […]