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Numerous makeup brushes layed out on a table

How many makeup brushes do you need?

Have you ever seen those lush-looking makeup brush kits? Perhaps you’re wafting through the mall with a gourmet cup of coffee in hand, and you see it in the window at Sephora or some other fab beauty place. And you think, “Ooooo! OMG! I want that!” Maybe you’re shopping for […]

Girl wondering, can curly hair become straight naturally

Can wavy hair become straight naturally?

If you hate your waves, you should probably know plenty of straight-haired people would kill for them. Still, we all want the hair we don’t have, don’t we? For those with natural waves, you might iron them out or have your processed to squelch your hair’s natural urge to curl […]

Girl applying powder makeup

Does makeup powder clog pores?

Sometimes, it seems like wearing makeup can be a vicious cycle. You wash your face and think you’re making the right moves and then, BAM! Here comes a big ol’ zit just in time for that date with the hottie from the coffee shop. Now you’ll have to scramble and […]

multiple scrunchies on a table

Are scrunchies safe for your hair?

Apparently, scrunchies were HUGE in the 1980s. Just ask anyone who grew up during those times or take a look back at old photos. Every girl wore them. Every girl had a collection as vast as the sea. They were THE must-have accessory then. And now, they’re once again the […]