What are Your Little Luxuries in Life

What are Your Little Luxuries in Life?

When someone suggests you should treat yourself, what is it you envision? Perhaps you’re like me, and you picture yourself on one of those mega-yacht charters where you merely think of a refreshing cocktail and BOOM! There it is, brought to you by the intuitive yacht crew.

And if you’re like me, you imagine that yacht anchoring in a marina in the French Riviera where you stroll along the shops and boutiques buying anything that catches your eye. Having your meals at Michelin-starred restaurants and then driving off to the countryside in a glossy red Ferrari.

Ahhh. That sounds so nice.

But that’s like the pinnacle of luxury. And I’ll be honest… I’m unfortunately unable to yacht around the Mediterranean like an heiress. I’m guessing since you’re reading this, you aren’t either.

Luxury means different things to all of us though. Sometimes, having the luxury of free time or a simple indulgence is really all it takes to fill us back up. To make ourselves feel whole.

These luxuries don’t need to deplete our bank accounts. They’re well-deserved rewards that we enjoy here and there that make getting up and going to work worth it.

How do you think of the little luxuries in your life? For me, since only my mind can travel the world sailing away, it’s things like treating myself to a nicer lunch rather than eating leftovers. It’s buying a new book and reading it cover to cover while in the tub. It’s so many wonderful little things, some of which don’t cost a thing.

The whole idea of these little luxuries is to simply spoil yourself just a wee bit, so you remember that you’re awesome. Because you are! And if you’re not indulging yourself here and there, you’ve got to start now!

Not sure where to begin? Here’s the way to put more little luxuries into your life.

A nice cup of coffee in the morning

Did you know that when you drink coffee, it causes your brain to release that feel-good chemical dopamine? No wonder I feel so happy and refreshed when I have my morning cup of coffee.

Oh, but no. See, take a moment and just relish it. That first, most wonderful sip. Sit there and take your time. Look out your window and take in the scenery. Inhale the delightful aroma. No one should take away your coffee time.

No need to go broke buying it at the coffee shop either, though that IS my idea of a perfect splurge. I usually make my coffee at home and buy the best stuff. But when I decide to let a barista pamper me, I make sure I find a lovely place to sit and simply get lost in the flavors.

My morning routine

Is your morning routine nothing short of insane? I know it might sound a bit nuts, what I’m about to say, but if you get up a little earlier, you will have the time to truly go through that morning routine without feeling like you’re forgetting something.

Or without putting on clothes that may have underwear stuck by way of static cling to the side that you don’t notice until you get to work when EVERYONE notices. Yeah.

One of my friends has a busy household full of kids. But every morning, she gets up earlier than the whole house. She makes her coffee, and she sits outside by the pool and watches the sun come up.

She told me it sets the tone for her entire day. Even though she has to go to work, she feels like she’s starting the day in her dream vacation, and it helps.

Freshly laundered sheets and bedding

So, this one involves some work first, Cinderella, but I promise it’s worth it. There is nothing like climbing into your bed when the sheets are freshly-washed, and everything feels in order. In fact, you’ll sleep better. My favorite luxury with this is taking a nice, long bath before I go to bed. On days I don’t have time to soak, I shower up first and that heavenly feeling, as though I’ve transported to a luxury resort, takes over.

Wearing my perfume

Buying the perfume can certainly be a big luxury, but it lasts a long time. Once you find a scent or two you love wearing, it’s like the finishing touch. Even if I’m just wearing something casual and off to the store, a little dab of perfume and suddenly I feel sophisticated and invigorated all over again.

A stylish flower vase

There’s just something about fresh flowers in a vase. Maybe it’s romantic. Maybe it’s that lovely scent. But it just feels more luxurious when you have a vase full of flowers sitting on your dining room or living room table. Ideally, both!

You don’t have to wait for a man to buy your flowers either. There’s nothing wrong with buying your own. While my dad buys flowers for my mom regularly, she will often buy them at the supermarket to freshen up the kitchen nook.

No time to stop? Why not have them delivered? Then you’ll REALLY feel luxurious! There are flower subscriptions too where you can get different arrangements delivered a couple times a month.

Some even send you beautiful vases to go with them that are wonderful for future bouquets or even to use as decorating vessels for the rest of your home.

I have one friend who had accumulated a bunch of vases from bouquets. Instead of getting rid of them, she used them to add corks and those battery-powered tea lights for her fireplace mantle, and it looks awesome.

A delicious prepped meal

Yes, cooking is a bit of work. But sometimes, when I have all the ingredients I want to make something a bit fancy, I feel more luxurious. I’ll even plate it up like a fancy restaurant. Add a few candles, and it’s a special luxury indeed.

My husband loves my cooking and it’s so satisfying to watch him finish his plate and tell me how good it tasted. Some luxuries in life are as simple as making others happy!

Wearing my pajamas at home

Am I the only one that doesn’t sit around in lingerie while hanging out at home? I think movie producers want us to think these things. Still, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in casual wear at home.

I love wearing my pajamas around the house. I had a bad habit of wearing old ones that were worn all the time. Then I though that’s silly. Why not buy nice pajamas, so I don’t feel like a slob when someone stops by or calls me on FaceTime?

Guess what happened when I bought new pajamas that were both comfy and looked nice? I felt better about myself. And I slept better too. Don’t cheat yourself out of what you rightfully deserve!

Lighting a scented candle

Scents truly affect your mood, and they link to memories too. Make some good memories and light up an aromatherapy candle. I love using lavender before bedtime, though on weekend mornings, I will always light my tropical coconut candle to make me feel like I’m far away on a beach somewhere.

Purchasing a piece of clothing that has been on my wish list

One day, I was out with a friend at the mall. We were popping in and out of stores and having a grand time. In one store, I saw this dress that I’d been swooning over for a few weeks. I immediately talked myself out of it yet again, even though it was now discounted.

“What are you doing?!? BUY IT!” I thought about the cost and tried to talk myself out of it. But then I realized that I’d feel happier if I bought the dress. Those who say that money isn’t capable of buying happiness are wrong. Psychology Today agrees with me!

Ok, they don’t fully advocate for spending money like it’s going out of style to make you happy. But when you’ve been wanting something for a while, especially something you’ll get some use out of, go ahead and get it. Oh, and that dress? I wear it all the time, and every time I do, I feel happy because I feel gorgeous in it.

Perfumed soaps to decorate the bathroom and keep it fresh

This is one I get from my parents’ house. My mom keeps these delightful little French soaps in a pretty ceramic dish on the vanity in the guest bathroom. They have a wonderful fragrance that makes me think of luxury and living my best life.

So for my bathroom, I got a nice soap dish and arranged fancy perfumed soaps in it too, and I feel like royalty.

Ordering takeout

If I had all the money in the world, I think I would be happy ordering takeout every night. I have to admit I do enjoy cooking, but having someone cook and bring that food to me is such a sublime luxury.

With friends, we often sift through all the takeout menus and take a vote on what we’re craving. But even when I’m alone for the evening, I choose something that I wouldn’t cook for myself, something that really is a treat where I can savor every bite.

Watching the sunset

Did you know that in Key West, Florida, there is a bar called Sunset Pier, where everyone goes to sit and watch the sunset? It gets pretty crowded, so when all the tables and dock space are gone, people trickle out to neighboring Mallory Square.

Once the sun starts to sink down and dip into the water, there’s a hushed awe among the crowd, and then the celebrations begin as day turns into night.

You don’t have to be anywhere near the Keys or a beach to enjoy the sunset. Just look to the west and appreciate the view. Appreciating the beauty in nature is one of the greatest luxuries of all.

A date night

Got someone special in your life? Have a date night but do some planning, so you’re not just stuck on the couch staring at your phones independently. If you stay in, plan on cooking together and watching a movie you’ve both been dying to see, or play a silly board game.

Going out is even nicer though, and should be done when budget allows. No need to go overboard. Some of my most luxurious-feeling dates involved getting the best chicken wings, sharing an ice cream Sunday, and then walking under a full moon.

Of course, I’m also equally as thrilled with a fancy dinner. The kind where the server comes by with that bread crumber-thing to sweep up the crumbs from the table cloth.

A nice treat

I once walked by a Godiva, and I was instantly reminded of the time I went to visit my favorite aunt. She took me there and bought me those starfish-shaped chocolates with the raspberry inside. They were my favorite. Still are!

So one day, as I started to walk by, I turned right back around and went in and bought myself a few pieces of those fancy chocolates. I savored every single bite of each of them.

Whether it’s fancy chocolates or some other treat, make sure you do this for yourself. Don’t feel guilty…it’s a treat! That’s why it’s not something you have every day!

Some me-time to relax

One of the best luxuries ever is having time to unwind. Those precious moments with a mud mask on while soaking in a tub overflowing with bubbles are absolutely luxurious.

Even when you’re not in the tub, think about what you can do to indulge in relaxation. Listening to my favorite music while dancing when no one’s around, does wonders for me.

Most of us are so guilty of constantly going and doing and trying to please everyone else. We forget that we need to please ourselves first sometimes too.

Having an extra hour of sleep

Some of you will point out I suggested getting up earlier. But by the same token, going to sleep earlier is a major luxury. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you feel completely refreshed. You keep your internal organs healthy, and your immune system is ready to go.

On weekends, I admit I will sleep an hour later. But it’s the weekend! During the week, I’ve noticed if I go to bed earlier, I always feel like I’ve just had a spa vacation the night before, especially if I’ve used my best skincare stuff before bed.


Some say we live multiple lives while others say this is the only life we’ve got. I don’t know who’s right, and it’s not my place to say. However, what I do know is this…we deserve the best in life.

Treating yourself to luxuries will keep you happier overall and give you something to look forward to, which is important for your well-being.

Luxuries don’t need to make you go broke. Simple and small things are beautiful ways to change your mind and change your life. Embrace them, and you’ll always feel like you’ve won the lottery.


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