Does Makeup Age Your Skin?

Does Makeup Age Your Skin?

Are you the type of gal who has to put on makeup before even running to the supermarket? Hey, it’s no felony. We all just want to look our best.

After all, you never know who you might run into and if Murphy’s Law has anything to say about it, you’ll run into everyone you know when you just throw something on and go out the door sans makeup.

But you can ignore everyone’s relentless teasing if you keep them waiting while you apply your favorite makeup. They might try to tell you wearing makeup every day can age you. But is it true?

Does Makeup Age Your Skin

Wearing makeup every day won’t make you look older. However, according to dermatologists, wearing makeup in an excessive way can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles making you look older. Therefore the wrong makeup routine could cause damage to your skin and make you age faster.

That why, it’s really important to understand the factors that could make your makeup routine all wrong for you (like the last guy you dated!) and how the kind of makeup you use also plays a role in caring for your skin.

There are so many things that cause our skin to start the dreaded aging process. There are some that are just beyond our control. Even with amazing skincare, we can’t expect to look our age now when we get to the age of 60. But we can certainly look good for the age of 60.

Skin naturally gains lines over time, and loses fullness too. It becomes thinner and drier, and our genes tend to dictate when these things will go south for us.

This is what medical professionals call ‘intrinsic aging.’ But the other type of aging, ‘extrinsic aging,’ is all about our lifestyle and how we live it.

We are young and carefree, and sometimes we forget that we will have to pay a price for sitting in the sun. And that’s not all! Sometimes our skin type (like if it’s sensitive or easily irritated by allergens) plays a role.

But all in all, most dermatologists can agree that makeup application doesn’t have a downside for most women out there.

What they do say though is that the formulations make all the difference. The makeup you buy at the dollar store is not a wise option if you want to take care of your skin.

That doesn’t mean you need to order the most expensive foundation on the planet either, but actively reading labels and making a wise choice for your skin by buying brands that you quality ingredients is essential.

The other critical point? Removing said makeup. High-quality makeup that you remove efficiently every night before bed will not damage your skin, if you choose the right kind for your skin type.

Some types of makeup might even improve your skin’s health (like mineral-based formulas) because they nourish it while keeping out environmental aggressors. Now that’s a win-win!

Ready to learn more about how to wear makeup every day so it won’t age you? Keep reading!

Why wearing makeup every day won’t age you

If you want to know why wearing makeup every day won’t age you, then you’re in the right place. There are many benefits the right makeup can have for your skin in keeping it healthy. Here’s why you can enjoy wearing makeup any and every day that you please!

Makeup works as a barrier that protects your skin from pollutants

When you use the right makeup, you are protecting your skin from environmental aggressors. Things like pollution and smog can destroy your skin, but if you use a makeup that helps keep those things out of your pores, you’ll have skin that looks great.

The right kind of makeup will form a bit of a barrier which keeps it from direct exposure to these elements. It’s not a totally impervious forcefield though, however it will keep damages to a minimum.

Makeup can keep your skin hydrated

Again, choosing the right makeup really makes a difference. You must know which skin type you have to pick the best one for you. When you do, it makes your skin even more beautiful. Foundation, for example, can be very moisturizing if you select one that is designed for dry or mature skin.

If your skin is normal or combination, an oil-free foundation is best. Powder foundations are ideal for oily or acne prone skin types.

Choosing foundation based on your skin type keeps it from clogging your pores. This allows skin to breathe. And honestly, saying that skin “breathes” is a bit of an exaggeration.

While it can become clogged, it doesn’t function like the lungs do. Still, you don’t want to over-coat it in pore-clogging makeup that can cause you to break out.

Makeup will give you extra protection from the harmful UV rays

Another thing the right makeup for your skin type can do is give you a barrier from damaging UV rays.

While makeup in and of itself won’t stop those rays (you need to still wear your mineral-based sunscreen for that, one with at least SPF 30), it adds to the protection.

Remember, those UVA rays are the top cause for the visible signs of premature aging. It even tops smoking, age, and genetics, so protect your skin.

Some makeup products like foundation and powder have an SPF rating while others don’t. That’s nothing to worry about entirely as the FDA didn’t approve it as a sunscreen.

Another thing you should know though is that the SPF rating on your makeup might be negligible once you apply it. In other words, the amount you use each day to apply your makeup isn’t enough to give you the full SPF coverage, so never skip your moisturizing SPF lotion underneath it.

One helpful ingredient to look for in your face makeup is titanium dioxide which has been named as a proven protector for UV rays.

When you use makeup that contains it on top of your sunscreen, you’re not just looking beautiful right now…you’re going to look beautiful in the future too!

Why the wrong makeup routine will cause your skin to age

Using makeup every day does have a number of benefits for keeping you looking younger and protecting your skin, there are certain downsides. As we mentioned, you need to choose the right kind of makeup to get these benefits. If not, keep reading and you’ll see why choosing the right makeup is essential to your skin’s healthfulness!

Choose your makeup according to your skin type

For most women, wearing makeup every day is not a bad thing. No studies have been shown this as a result, however, if you have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t wear it every day.

Sensitive skin is more prone to inflammation. It’s important to treat your skin type right with the proper skincare regimen. Skin needs to be properly cleansed and hydrated so you should choose wisely for products that won’t strip skin of natural oils and help target your skin concerns.

Some doctors have said that damaging skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema can come about from wearing heavy makeup and products on your skin all your life. You should avoid caking things on and find products that nourish your skin perfectly.

Don’t forget sunscreen even if your makeup has SPF in it

As we mentioned before, sunscreen is critical even if your makeup has an SPF rating. Makeup in and of itself cannot give you the proper coverage you need.

And it doesn’t matter if you spend all day inside the office! What about when you’re commuting to work? Walking from your car to into the office or to and from your car at the supermarket? We are always exposed to the sun’s rays, even when we’re not actively engaging in outdoor activities.

Just a few minutes of unprotected sun exposure can cause collagen breakdown. When collagen breaks down, you start getting those fine lines and wrinkles. Make a habit of applying your sunscreen moisturizer first (an oil-free formula is best) and then put on your foundation and powder.

Even though some makeup products have an SPF rating, they do not have enough SPF protection in it per serving to keep you protected.

Sun is your enemy when you’re trying to guard against aging skin. And just because it’s cloudy, rainy, or even snowy, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from the rays.

They are always there, whether you notice them or not. It doesn’t need to be 90F with no clouds in sight for you to incur sun damage (though the sun most definitely will be super-strong on days like that).

When you’re choosing a sunscreen, go for broad spectrum protection to stop both UVA and UVB rays. Your SPF should always be 30 or above. It’s best to go for formulas that have antioxidants enriching them like vitamin C, resveratrol, coffee berry, or even idebenone. Jack Black sunscreen is a great option, especially for oily skin.

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Avoid excessive makeup especially around the eyes and between the lines and wrinkles

The makeup you put around your eyes is extra important too. Oil-based products can cause pores to clog up and lead to breakouts.

Anything with irritating chemicals, fragrances, or alcohol can irritate the delicate area of skin around your eyes, drying them out and leading to those wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Choose formulations that nourish the tender skin around your eyes apply them gently to avoid causing problems for this area. And just so you know, you are never too young to start using an eye cream, one that delivers extra nourishment to your eyes!

Avoid makeup with harsh chemicals in it

More and more light is being shed upon makeup and cosmetics regarding the ingredients used. Anything that has harsh chemicals in it should be avoided like the plague.

You want to stay away from formulations with zinc oxide, propylene, or dimethicone. They can cause a thin layer of buildup on your skin, trapping oils and sweat beneath and unleashing blemishes in their wake.

Bismuth oxychloride is another very irritating ingredient that can cause your skin to peel. Makeup and cosmetics with EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals) can potentially cause cancer. They interfere with your hormones which is scary stuff.

Many types of cancers are driven by hormones. If that doesn’t scare you, think about how often you’re coming into contact with these things. Sure, makeup is a must-have…but makeup with these ingredients? Just say no!

Even the EWG (Environmental Working Group) discovered that nearly 30% of personal products contain a carcinogen called 1,4 dioxane which isn’t shown on labels.

The EWG insists you read your labels and urges that if you don’t know how to pronounce an ingredient or can’t Google it to find out what it is and where it came from, look for another product instead.

Some makeup products use strong chemical preservatives which will ruin your skin’s natural defenses, drying it out and aging it faster. Even Discovery Health found that some makeup can clog up pores and keep your sebum from effectively lubricating skin as it was intended.

Your first step in avoiding disaster here is to look for quality ingredients that don’t clog pores. If you want to wear makeup every day, you need to look at what’s in the makeup you choose.

And choose wisely. High-quality makeup comes in all price brackets. Looking for products that benefit your skin rather than destroy it is imperative to looking your very best.

Even more so, removing it with care every night and following through with a proper nighttime skincare regimen really will help keep skin looking its absolute most radiant for years to come.

Don’t over rub your skin when applying makeup

Another thing to think about when applying your makeup is to use a gentle touch, especially around the eyes. You might want to cover up your imperfections, but tugging, pulling, stretching, and rubbing the skin will only draw more attention to those things.

Avoid rubbing your eyes or stretching out the lids to draw those winged lines. Instead, take a much gentler approach and you’ll preserve your collagen and capillaries in this tender area.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to sleep

Are you committing this cardinal sin every night? If you don’t remove your makeup every day – and we mean every last bit of it – you’re going to regret it when you’re older! Surveys have shown that a number of women (23% of them, to be exact) go to sleep without removing their makeup more than 3 times per week.

Even more of them admitted to adding a new layer of makeup right on top of last night’s makeup. And plenty of them don’t cleanse after a workout. But the worst of it is that over half of women in the survey have stained their sheets with last night’s makeup.

If this describes you, we need to talk. Seriously, take the time to remove your makeup every night or you will be sorry. Skin cells, like the rest of your body cells, use the downtime while you’re asleep to recover.

When you don’t allow them to, you damage them and deep down, damage that collagen and elastin that keeps you looking young. Furthermore, it affects the growth hormones that are trying to restore your skin from your contacts with pollution and such during the day.

Let’s say you went out for your birthday and had way too many drinks just this one time. Even then, take that makeup off! For moments like that, keep a package of those gentle makeup removing wipes that work without having to rub or scrub, like  Makeup Melt by Bliss, so you can simply swipe it off.

When you don’t clean your skin each day and properly fuel it with nourishing skincare products, it will come back to haunt you. It ages you much faster and then you’ll have worse problems.

Afraid to let your boyfriend see you without makeup? Then he’s not much of a boyfriend. Take care of your skin for yourself. No guy is worth that kind of self-destruction.

It’s all about balance when it comes down to it. You should have a proper skincare cleansing and moisturizing regimen in place for both day and night.

When you use makeup, you should go for quality and seek out products that are made from safe ingredients. These ingredients should ideally nourish your skin as you wear them, but of greatest importance is choosing products that suit your skin type.

For example, if you have dry skin, you should never use a matte-finish foundation or it will make you look aged and cakey. You should find something that adds hydration.

And of course, using sunscreen protection underneath your makeup is a step that if you’re not doing yet, you should start to do immediately.

As good as makeup can be, you should never aim to wear it 24/7. Skin needs time to replenish and refresh as you sleep. Leaving makeup on will only cause it unnecessary harm and age you faster.

On some occasions, it’s good to go without makeup too. Take the day while you’re at home to treat your skin to hydrating and detoxifying masks that will help boost your skin’s condition.


Wearing makeup every day will not age your skin, unless you’re going about it the wrong way. Always choose the right makeup for your skin type without fail.

Always wear that sunscreen, even if your makeup says it has an SPF rating on it. And always remove all your makeup every night before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are.

To keep skin looking fabulous as ever, focus on using sunscreen underneath your makeup during the day to protect it from environmental damages, particularly UV rays that can destroy your skin’s composition.

At night, use enriching products for your skin type to help rebalance that moisture barrier.

With makeup on every day, as long as it is a good quality product that matches your skin type, it can help add an extra layer of protection from environmental aggressors.

Use your makeup wisely and always remember that as wonderful as makeup is, everyone’s skin needs a little down time to unwind and restore, just like you yourself do too.


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