Author: Hajer Mehrez

Girl applying powder makeup

Does makeup powder clog pores?

Sometimes, it seems like wearing makeup can be a vicious cycle. You wash your face and think you’re making the right moves and then, BAM! Here comes a big ol’ zit just in time for that date with the hottie from the coffee shop. Now you’ll have to scramble and […]

Girl with a white scar

How long does it take for scars to turn white?

We’ve all done it. We’ve all accidentally cut ourselves, perhaps slicing and dicing in the kitchen or maybe doing something more epic like rock climbing. Some of us have even had to undergo surgery. When we wind up with cuts, scrapes, and surgical incisions, they turn up red and bloody, […]

multiple scrunchies on a table

Are scrunchies safe for your hair?

Apparently, scrunchies were HUGE in the 1980s. Just ask anyone who grew up during those times or take a look back at old photos. Every girl wore them. Every girl had a collection as vast as the sea. They were THE must-have accessory then. And now, they’re once again the […]

Beautiful young woman wearing false lashes

Can you wear false lashes every day?

Nothing looks more youthful and sassy than thick, long, and full eyelashes. They seem to really attract like nothing else. Likely, it’s the science behind it (seriously, read our post about why long eyelashes are attractive here!). But in addition to the scientific basis, it sure feels good to have […]

Girl with half her hair straight, half her hair wavy

Can hair change from straight to wavy?

If you hate your hair the way it is naturally, there’s good news for you! Perhaps you’ve wondered, can hair change from straight to wavy? Scientists can’t say for certain what makes hair change from straight to curly but it’s likely a unique combination of hormones, body chemistry, medication, and […]

Is curling your eyelashes bad

Is it bad to curl your eyelashes every day?

With nice, thick, curled eyelashes, they can really make your eyes stand out. Who doesn’t want that? But for many of us, it requires a little extra skill to get that perfect curl to your lashes. Many people wonder, is it bad to curl your eyelashes every day? Curling your […]

Girl going for a swim in the beach with eyelash extensions on

Does swimming with eyelash extensions ruin them?

Eyelash extensions are an amazing invention that has helped many women with waning lash lines find newfound confidence. Instead of having to finagle false eyelashes into place, eyelash extensions allow you to go with a fuller and more natural-looking boost of lashes every day. They don’t last forever of course, […]

Woman applying lipstick and wondering if it will make her lips lose color

Does lipstick make your lips lose color?

Apparently, there’s a rumor going around about lipstick. Many people keep asking, does lipstick make your lips lose color? No! It certainly does not! In fact, lipstick can enhance your lips with smoothness and color. You may lose your natural lip color due to other factors, but we can assure […]

Girl applying concealer under her eyes

Can you wear concealer without foundation?

Ever feel like you don’t need to put on a full face of makeup? Perhaps you’re having a great skin day, or week, or you’re just blessed. Or perhaps the weather is warm and you’re not feeling up to the whole foundation thing. Maybe you’re running late for work and […]

Girl with wet curly hair that looks straight

Why curly hair looks straight when wet

If you have curly hair, chances are you dream of straight hair. Every curly-haired girl envies her friends with smooth, straight hair and gives them the side-eye when they say, “Oh I wish I had curls.” No. You don’t. But these curls are a blessing because they’re unique and beautiful. […]