Author: Hajer Mehrez

Girl applying clay mask to her face to get rid of oil on her nose and forehead

How to Get Rid of Oil on Your Nose and Forehead

We all want to shine on, figuratively that is. Literally, having a shiny face feels like the kiss of death. There’s a happy-medium we need to capture with skin. One where it looks dewy and fresh, not dried out and flaky, yet one that doesn’t glisten with oil. If you […]

Girl shaving her facial hair

How to get rid of facial hair permanently

Beards are for men, right? If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed coarse hair growing on your face, it can be panic-inducing. After all, as a woman, you expect your face to be soft and smooth, free of hair. We’re all different and this isn’t something to be […]

Aloe vera leaves sitting on book

Can I Apply Aloe Vera as a Primer at Daytime?

Tired of looking less than flawless? As we start getting older, simply applying foundation to your skin won’t cut it. Most foundations don’t make lines disappear. In fact, without a little extra help, your foundations and powders will only make your flaws stand out more. Primers were invented for just […]

Teenage girl with forehead wrinkles

Are Forehead Wrinkles Normal for Teenagers?

Waking up to look at yourself in the mirror and see fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead as a teenager isn’t the most pleasant surprise, believe me, been there, done that, and I hated it. If you’re young and noticing wrinkles on your face, it’s not normal, and having […]

Women suffering from hair falling when shampooing

Is it Normal that Hair Fall Occurs When Shampooing?

You’re in the shower, washing that man out of your hair when suddenly, you notice something else washing away… your hair down the drain! Drain clogs aside, you might be wondering if there is something wrong with you. Is it Normal that Hair Fall Occurs When Shampooing? And how much […]