Nair Burn on Vag What to do and What You Need to Know

Nair burn on Vag: What to do?

So, your friend told you about this new hair removal technique called “Nair” and she said you should try it. You’re curious, maybe a little too curious.

It sounded like a good idea at the time, but then your stomach dropped just thinking about what would happen when that cream got into contact with your sensitive skin in the vag area.

Well, you did it. You jumped in head first and slathered the cream all over your pubic hair, without considering what would happen next or if Nair was even safe to use on such a sensitive area.

Now, you’ve realized that this wasn’t such a good idea after all. You’re feeling irritated, with burning and itching sensations, not to mention the redness all around your vaginal area.

Nair is a cream that is designed to dissolve the keratin in skin cells, thus allowing them to rub off. It’s meant for use on legs and armpits mostly with a few exceptions depending on the product.

Nair is not an approved product for use anywhere in or around the genital area by any sort of governing body, so it should be used sparingly if at all.

Although safe when used correctly, it’s more dangerous than most consumers think.

If you’ve just suffered a nasty Nair burn on your vaginal area, the first thing you should do is calm down.

While the injury may seem excruciatingly painful, panicking will only make matters worse.

Next, try to determine the severity of the burn. If it’s a first-degree burn, simply rinse the area with cool water for a few minutes and apply a topical hydrocortisone cream. If it’s a more serious second- or third-degree burn, seek immediate medical attention.

Nair burn on Vag: What to do?

If you’ve ever experienced Nair burn on your vag then, rinse the area with cool water immediately. This will help to get rid of the Nair and soothe the skin. Healing ointments like Neosporin will help relieve the pain and quell the irritation.

You can also, take over-the-counter pain relievers to help with inflammation and swelling.

If you experience any difficulties breathing, develop a rash or blisters, or if the burn becomes more severe over time, seek medical attention immediately.

If you’ve ever used Nair on your pubic area, then you know that it can sometimes cause a burning sensation. This is normal, but if the burning becomes too intense or doesn’t go away after rinsing, you may have a chemical burn.

If you find that you’ve already experienced some of the unpleasant side effects mentioned, here are some steps you can take to soothe the area and hasten the healing process:

Jump in your shower and rinse it away as fast as you can while continuing to flush your nether-regions with constant water for 15 minutes.

Don’t apply ice directly to your skin as it can cause further damage, but you can soak the burned area in cool water for 15 minutes.

After rinsing, pat your skin dry or gently dab with a clean towel.

Once you’ve patted things dry, you can use hydrocortisone cream. That’s a great thing to have on-hand in your first aid kit anyway. 

If you have kids, it’s likely you’ve got diaper rash cream somewhere so go snag that. Desitin and Sudocrem are good options, FYI, as they’ll alleviate the pain.

Try soaking a washcloth in cold milk and placing it on the irritated area. Ibuprofen might also help to relieve any pain you are feeling.

What if the Nair didn’t come off during your shower? There are other, more concerning options for dealing with this type of situation.

Try soaking it again in lukewarm water and exfoliating by hand. If these aren’t working, do not continue trying to rid yourself of Nair on your own!

Go see a doctor as soon as possible so he/she can diagnose what might be happening to you down there and give you advice specifically tailored for your situation.

To avoid further irritation, keep yourself clean by washing twice daily with an unscented soap until you recover completely.

It might also help to apply a good moisturizer like Cetaphil to help calm skin _ avoid petroleum jelly or other oils, which can trap heat in your body.

If you have blisters from a Nair burn, leave them alone. They will eventually break on their own which is typically more painful than leaving them intact until they heal naturally.

A word of caution: do not try to remove any hair from the burned area yourself. See a doctor for professional assistance.

Nair burns can be painful and cause unsightly scarring if not properly treated. By following these simple steps, you can help ensure a speedy and healthy recovery.

The most important thing, is to keep yourself clean and comfortable during this time. Take it easy, and don’t put any extra stress on yourself. You will get through this!

How Long Does a Nair Burn Last?

While Nair burns should heal within a few days, severe chemical exposure can lead to longer recovery times. Although, a Nair burn will last longer if the area is not properly treated.

If you find that the Nair burn is taking longer to heal than expected, or if you experience any other concerning symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

In some cases, those who have been exposed to Nair chemically may be at risk of long-term health problems as a result of their exposure.

It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

16 Best remedies for Nair chemical burn

In addition to what I’ve mentioned above, I have 16 other remedies you can try for that Nair chemical burn on your vag. Or if you get it anywhere else that becomes too tender.

1. Water

Use water to wash the product away. After it’s rinsed away, continue to run water on the area.

You can and should do this again if you’ve already done the steps I mentioned above. You may not have removed all traces of it the first time.

2. Do pain control

OTC pain medications are your bestie in this situation. Take ibuprofen or naproxen to help tame the inflammation and help you feel better.

3. Watch what you use

When applying topical agents, don’t ever use burn creams that are made for non-chemical burns.

These can have the opposite effect, making you feel the pain even more.

4. Avoid pressure and friction

It’s probably the last thing on your mind with a Nair burn on your vag, but s** is a no-no right now.

The friction and pressure that comes from it will be way too painful.

5. Make use of the tub

Lukewarm baths are definitely a good idea. Take several throughout the day to help mitigate any pain you feel.

6. Know this pee hack

OMG, if you got Nair more in there than you intended and it hurts when you pee, you can pee in the tub. I know, I knowwwww! Gross, but it can be such a relief.

You’ll want to protect the burned area with your fingers so that the pee doesn’t make it sting. After that, drain the tub and go shower.

7. Choose the right clothing

Loose-fitting clothing and underwear are ideal with a Nair burn on your vag. Cotton is a great fabric too since it’s breathable and comfortable.

8. Ice could help

Generally, putting ice on burns isn’t a great idea. However, plenty of women have said this has worked for them, especially when the pain is almost too much to handle.

Use freezing wet maxi pads to soothe the burn. Though you should never do so for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

9. Sit in a sitz bath

My mama friends tell me this is the way to relieve anything down there, especially after birth when hemorrhoids strikes. It will likely soothe you too.

10. Tea bag it

Black and green tea are great healers because of their soothing qualities and antioxidants. Wet some tea bags and gently place them on your burned vag area.

11. Keep the ointment coming

Regularly cleaning the area will help but also so will keeping it covered with ointments or creams.

12. Repeat the cleaning and moisturizing

I recommend doing this at least 3 times per day to prevent any infections from cropping up. An infection might just be the only thing worse than the burn itself!

13. Benadryl cream may be in order

Benadryl cream might just be a great option for you or the oral kind. This can help quell the reaction. Of course, if things are getting worse, you can always visit your OB/GYN.

14. Don’t use Nair there

I feel like in this list, I’ve really got to repeat this. Please don’t put Nair on your vag.

This is because the product can cause serious chemical burns and vaginal swelling. In severe cases, Nair can also lead to scarring.

So, if you’re looking for a hair-removal option for the bikini area, there are other, safer options available.

15. Don’t stop with the ointments

Seriously, you want this thing to heal, right? Then use Vaseline or even olive oil.

You can apply a dab when you go pee too if you’ve burned the heck out of that area too. It will keep it from stinging.

16. Stay out of the pool

Now is not the time for a swim. Chemicals like the chlorine in the pool can cause the area to really hurt.

Also, even swimming in the ocean or a lake would be ill-advised. Bacteria could be in the water and could infect your burn, especially if you have open sores.

How do you know when it’s infected? Simple. If it gets worse in redness or your skin color changes, it swells up, it blisters, it becomes thicker, you see pus or weird green fluids, and/or you have a fever, it’s time to call your doctor and get checked out ASAP.

Why Nair causes a chemical burn on vag

Even when you use Nair or any other cream of the same type as it advises on the package, you can still burn your skin.

These things have chemicals like potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide as their active ingredients.

What they do is make the hair shaft swell, allowing the chemicals in so they can break down each hair.

Obviously, that’s rough stuff so you can expect that those chemicals may irritate or burn your skin.

Some brands are FDA-approved but despite this they can all pose risk of burns, blisters, and rashes.

That’s why they have those warning labels on there. Sometimes, the irritation and redness will only happen while you’re using it.

Other times, you may have redness for a few days. And yes, it can get worse than that.

A friend of mine who doesn’t want the world to know she has a slight mustache has used Nair many times to remove it.

She follows the directions too but on one occasion, it left her with a telltale redness above her lip. She’s since decided that wasn’t worth it and is now using one of the options I’ll be discussing further down so keep reading.

Can you use Nair on your vag again?

Oh sweetie, no! No, please don’t use Nair on your vag again. This is especially true if you followed the directions to a T and it still burned you.

Your skin is far too sensitive to these chemicals, or you could have any allergy.

But what if you threw caution to the wind and didn’t follow the directions?

Maybe you used too much cream, rubbed it when you shouldn’t have, or left it on for too long. Maybe you had a sunburn or irritation already. And if that’s the case, this may account for your burn.

You may be able to use it again, but I’d advise against it. After all, there are other effective ways to remove unwanted hair from down there.

One of the things you should never do is apply Nair on your labia, or vag lips if you prefer.

You can apply it to the surrounding pubic area and on the outside, but you should never ever let it get inside. These parts are extremely sensitive!

Are patch tests reliable to avoid chemical burns from Nair?

Willing to give it a try anyway? Then please follow this advice…

– Choose a Nair product formulated for the bikini area. It will be less likely to burn you when used as directed.

– Patch test it on a tiny area. Just dab a little on and let it sit for 6 to 10 minutes. Rinse it away and then keep an eye on the area for the next 24 hours. And I know it sounds lame, but you should do this every time because you can have a reaction any time.

– Should it all go well, go for it!

It’s worth mentioning that any hair that you Nair down there needs to be about 2 millimeters to work the best.

So, if it’s too short it won’t work well. And if you have hair that is too long, definitely trim it first. But be careful! You don’t want any broken skin or that Nair will burn on contact!

When you are using Nair on your vag, keep the cream thick and even. Don’t rub it in and set a timer for 6 minutes.

At that point, take a cloth and wipe a little away. If hair comes off with it, you can take it all off.

If not, you can wait the full 10 minutes. Some people have the experience of not having the hair come off even when they’ve done 10 minutes. And that’s ok because Nair isn’t for everyone.

I have friends that use it with zero problems on various body parts and others that feel it’s not the best method.

So, what can you use? Read on!

Best alternatives if you’re sensitive to Nair

Are you sensitive to Nair? If you’ve tried it out, either on your vag or elsewhere, and it gave you a reaction or you just want to avoid chemicals, there are other ways to bid adieu to unwanted hair. Check them out!

▪️ Use an epilator instead of Nair

Lots of women use epilators to remove hair that keep showing up. It’s a lot better than shaving and gives you longer results.

It’s not permanent so you’ll have to keep at it but it will irritate you a whole lot less than shaving. And definitely will be easier and less painful than a burn from Nair!

I’ve written about the Best Epilators so check them out and see if one of them is a match for you!

▪️ An IPL device as a more permanent solution

Want to be smooth and carefree for good? An IPL device gives you a permanent solution.

It’s a lot cheaper than going in for treatments. Yes, you will have to do it more than once to remove your hair for good. That’s because hair grows in different stages.

Choosing an IPL is easier than you think and will allow you to eventually halt hair growth to any area, bikini or otherwise.

It’s not a bad investment and there are a bunch of them that work wonders.

Check out my post about the Best IPL and Laser Hair Removal Devices and you’ll see.


Please don’t put Nair on your vag. You can get a burn. If you do get a chemical burn, you can use these tips to help get relief. And if you’re set on using Nair, make sure you use the kind for the bikini area. Follow all directions to the letter and watch for any irritations.

Of course, if you’d rather keep from a painful situation, you can explore epilators and IPL devices that will leave you with a smooth and hair-free bikini line!


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