Do you wear shorts under your skirts and dresses

Do You Wear Shorts under Skirts and Dresses?

When you wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath any skirt or dress, you increase your comfort level while preventing accidental exposure.

It is a great way to wear skirts and dresses without showing off more than you intended.

Do You Wear Shorts under Skirts and Dresses?

It’s ok if you don’t wear shorts under your skirts and dresses, but if you always feel like you have to watch out when you bend over or live somewhere windy, you may want to put on a pair of spandex shorts.

It’s not that you should be worried some perv is always looking at you, but it can ensure you’ll stay comfortable and guarded.

I mean, no matter how nice my underwear is, I sure as heck do not want the wind picking up the hem of my skirt or dress and showing it to everyone that walks by.

And then there’s my friend Melinda who is a hoot when she drinks, but we talked her into wearing spandex shorts underneath her skirts and dresses when we go out.

The reason? She’s the sort that will scream, “OMGGGGGGGG you guysssss I loooooooove this song!” And proceed to kick her legs up while she’s sitting at the table or booth.

She’s quite an attractive person, but that’s beside the point. She was utterly embarrassed she did that, so to prevent creeps from capitalizing on her drunkenness, she started to wear these shorts underneath on our outings.

For me, I find wearing spandex shorts under my skirts and dresses give me an added sense of comfort and security.

I can go out, and dance without worrying; some pig is aiming his phone at just the right angle to get an up-skirt shot.

It sure beats wearing tights which make me feel like my grandma. No offense, Grandma!

So, let’s discuss wearing shorts under your skirts and dresses. Not every pair of shorts will be a match for this, so read on!

What kind of shorts do you wear under your skirts and dresses?

By far, the best kind of shorts to wear under skirts and dresses are spandex.

These should be fitted and tight, though not so tight your eyes pop out. They shouldn’t be loose either because they’ll look bunchy, and that’s not a look for anyone.

Remember when people wore jeans under dresses? Yeah, that’s a little extreme.

It’s not the look we’re going for here. What we’re doing is adding a bit of extra coverage so we can dance, groove, and move without fear of worrying that we’re flashing inappropriate bits at anyone.

How to choose the right pair of spandex shorts

Choosing the right pair of spandex shorts means finding the right size. Of course, that means trying things on, and well, who doesn’t love that? You can try stuff on and then order it online.

That’s especially true if you love the fit but can’t find the color you’re looking for.

Or the size you try on is either too tight or too loose, and one up or down would do you perfectly.

So, if you’re wondering how to choose those spandex shorts to look seamless underneath your skirts and dresses, follow this guide below!

▪️  Wear a skirt or dress first before going shopping

First up, you’ll want to be wearing a skirt or dress before you hit the mall. It makes zero sense to try on spandex shorts that you’ll wear under dresses and skirts without anything to correlate it to.

Meaning if you show up in jeans, you can try them on all you like and even find ones that fit like a dream.

But let’s say you do and you go home and put them on with a dress or skirt, and you can see the edges of the shorts. Boo! Hiss! Not. A. Good. Look. Trust me on that.

So, choose a skirt or dress that is perhaps on your shorter spectrum of things. This way, any of your other hems will completely cover it if the ones you find are hidden under a shorter style.

▪️  Choose a spandex color that looks seamless under your dress or skirt

While I love bananas, I’m not a big fan of bright, neon yellow. But hey, if you can rock that color, fabulous. Still, unless you are pairing your spandex shorts under a bright yellow skirt or dress, stick to a less eye-catching color.

You want your spandex shorts to basically disappear underneath your hemline.

We’re looking for a discreet way to cover things up. Not a loud announcement in the form of eye-piercing colors that screams, “Look at MEEEE!

I’m wearing spandex shorts under my dress, so you can’t see my undies, but you can see my shorts!”

Generally speaking, black looks good for black and darker colors, while white is ideal with whites and other light colors. You can also opt for a more neutral/nude shade.

▪️  Make sure you have the right sizing

As with many things, sizing is everything. While I could think of a few examples, I’ll simply stick to the topic of wearing spandex shorts under your skirts and dresses.

That being said, you definitely need them to be tight enough. Jean shorts, for example, are a lousy idea because they will make your butt look bunchy and have people wondering why on earth you’re wearing them under your dress.

They also need to be the right length. For this purpose, the shorter your spandex shorts are, the better. This way, they will fit effortlessly under any hemline without anyone being the wiser.

I’m not suggesting Daisy Dukes per se, since these should cover some of your upper thighs. But something that is a little more than midway above your knee should work well.

And yes, something else I want to alert you to is this…

See, spandex has a way of creeping up. If you’ve ever worn them for exercise, you know. And if not, now you know.

Anyway, when you find a pair that isn’t too tight or too loose, isn’t too long or too short, and is the right color to not look like you’re smuggling parrots under your skirt, then give them a walk around the store.

The goal here is to make sure they stay put. The last thing you want is a pair that rides up and makes you uncomfortable. And just as bad, you don’t want them rolling down from your waist or anything where you’d be constantly fidgeting and readjusting everything all day or night.

Buy more than one pair

Do you have a lot of skirts and dresses? If so, consider buying at least 6 of them, so you’re not doing laundry all the time.

Once you find that perfect fit, you don’t want to have to go on the same search again. You’ll only want to click and reorder as needed.

If you don’t wear skirts or dresses every day, but perhaps on weekends or something, 1 or 2 pairs should be fine.

But whatever you do, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Ever buy something you love and wish you had 100 more like it? And then, with plenty of use and time, you need to get it again. Only they don’t make it anymore.

That’s even more common with clothing because styles change so often. So snap them up when you find the ones you love.

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How to wear a spandex shorts under your skirts and dresses?

Once you find that perfect pair of spandex shorts (and stock up on extras, so you have enough to keep you covered to not do laundry every day of your life), it’s time to put them to the test. But how do you wear them under your hems?

Allow me to explain what comes next for you when keeping things covered down there so you can wear skirts and dresses and feel carefree.

▪️  Change into your skirt or dress if it’s your outfit for the day

First up, go pick your outfit. Is it that little black dress for the club? Or is it that professional-looking skirt for the office?

Whatever it is, go get into your clothing. Get your makeup on. Put your hair up. Or leave it down. Accessorize. You know what to do here!

▪️  Put on your spandex shorts underneath your skirt or dress

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to add the finishing touch. Grab your spandex shorts and put them on. Pull them up your waist so that it fits accordingly.

Don’t pull them up too high and make yourself uncomfortable, but make sure you’re in them properly.

▪️  Make sure it’s a little bit shorter than your skirt or dress

It’s time to see if you were a good shopper or not. While you were certain when you tried on your spandex shorts that they would fit with the skirt or dress you wore while shopping, if this is a new dress, you’re going to have to see how it looks.

Ideally, stand with your arms at your sides. Your spandex shorts should be higher than your fingertips. And your hems should be below those fingertips.

If you can perform the fingertip test, it’s likely that no one will notice your spandex shorts.

Another test to perform is to raise your hands over your head. If you plan on dancing or lifting your arms up for repetitive movements (like at work, for example), if you can see the shorts, then find a shorter pair.

▪️  Check yourself in the mirror to make sure everything is in order

Do you have a full-length mirror? If not, you really should get one. It always gives you the bigger picture when it comes to how your entire ensemble and look comes together.

I always check my makeup and hair at my vanity, but I won’t even consider judging my outfit until I see the whole thing together, with my hair and makeup, in my full-length mirror.

Look in the mirror. Twirl around. Use a smaller mirror and turn around to see the back. Raise your hands over your head. Do you see the shorts? If not, you are good to go!


Spandex shorts are a smart idea when you’re wearing skirts or dresses.

While you might not think so if you’re stuck in a cubicle at work, if you have a job where you’re running around, raising your arms over your head like in retail, you live in a windy place, you like to dance all night, or you just want more coverage to keep gross guys from trying to take a peek, you will find comfort and peace of mind in spandex shorts.

Use these shopping tips to help you pick the right fit. Then get more of them to keep you covered all week long under all your skirts and dresses!


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