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How to Dry Beauty Blender

Have you heard of the Beauty Blender? It’s an awesome makeup tool. Don’t mistake it for a makeup sponge though. While it is a bit of a sponge of sorts, Beauty Blender is constructed from proprietary materials that make it better than those drugstore makeup sponges.

It’s designed to minimally absorb products and can be used to apply both skincare and makeup. It leaves a fresh and air-brushed application behind.

You can use it for foundation, concealer, eye makeup, highlighting, serums, creams, and really so much more. Of course, you should have a separate Beauty Blender for your skincare stuff and your makeup stuff.

Caring for your Beauty Blender is important if you want it to last though. You should always be sure to clean it properly and allow it to dry well too.

Are you drying your Beauty Blender properly? Perhaps you’re getting ready to go on vacation and need it to dry fast before tucking it in your bag.

Or maybe you just want to know what to do to dry it right so it won’t grow mold or bacteria. Regardless of the reason, you’re in the right place so keep reading to find out the fastest way to dry your Beauty Blender right!

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How to Dry Beauty Blender

First, you’ll need to take care that you remove all suds from your Beauty Blender. Squeeze it very gently and then lay it on a fresh paper towel. The best way to get that excess water out is by hand and then roll it into the paper towels to get any excess water out.

But sometimes, you might find it still feels damp after you use the paper towels to blot out the water. You should then set it in a dry place to allow it to air dry. Letting it dry completely first before you use it is always the best practice.

That’s all well and good though unless you live in a humid place, like Florida, where it can be harder to get it to dry well. You’ll just have to do your best by cleaning it well.

The Beauty Blender cleanser is the best for the job, though any good cleanser can do in a pinch. When you do take steps to squeeze it and then dry it, you can also put it in the plastic container it arrived in.

However, be forewarned that it might not breathe that way. You should move and turn it so that mold doesn’t grow on it.

Letting it breathe all the way around is the best defense against having mold, mildew, and bacteria grow on your Beauty Blender. You’ll know it’s fully dried when it has gone back down to its original size.

If this doesn’t work for you though, you can try one of these other fast ways to dry your Beauty Blender. Keep reading!

Use a towel

A clean, dry towel can also help. Once you squeeze the excess out of your Beauty Blender, you can wrap it up in a towel and squeeze it some more. Don’t leave it in the towel though. This will prevent it from drying. You’ll want to move it to the top of the container it came in or some other place where it can dry fully.

Again, turning it halfway through drying time can help all areas of the Beauty Blender dry fully. You should never just shove it in a drawer while damp or in the container and close it up. It needs to air out. It’s always best to let that Beauty Blender dry fully before you use it again.

But what if you’ve done this and you come home from work to find your Beauty Blender is still damp? You could try using it but you’ll have your best and cleanest applications when you start with a fully dry piece.

This next tip can be helpful if you get home from work and need to create a new evening look with your makeup. Sure, you could just reapply new makeup on top of your daytime look, but what that does is make you feel heavy and greasy. Start from scratch and you’ll feel ready for the night.

Here’s how you can speed things along!

Use a blow dryer

With a blow dryer, you must be careful for your Beauty Blender. They don’t handle that high heat very well. The key is to keep your hairdryer on a low setting and hold it further from your Beauty Blender. If you put it too close, that proprietary material is going to become ruined.

This is the riskiest way to dry it, but if you’re in a hurry, it can work as long as you proper precautions.

Try a fan

Hairdryers have the right idea since they’re blowing air, but the problem is that that air is hot which doesn’t bode well for your Beauty Blender. You could switch the setting so it’s on the cool blast, but if your hairdryer doesn’t have that option, you should follow the above tips for using one safely with your Beauty Blender.

To avoid heat damage altogether though, try placing it in the direct path of a desk fan. Angle the head of the fan so that it blows directly onto your Beauty Blender.

This will help dry it out much faster without worrying about heat damage. Plus, you can leave it blowing all day while you do your thing and come home to a completely dry Beauty Blender!

You shouldn’t forget to follow the first steps above though with squeezing out excess water and using either paper towels or a clean, dry towel to sop up any water first. This will ensure it dries in the best and fastest way possible.

Let it dry near the radiator

During the colder months when the heat is on, make use of your radiator to dry your Beauty Blender. Do NOT put it directly on the radiator though. You’ll ruin it.

Instead, put it near the radiator to take advantage of the drying effects it will have. You’ll come home to a dry Beauty Blender that you can use right away. Make sure you towel dry it first, then place it on a clean, dry surface near the radiator (like a windowsill above it) and it will dry fast.

Place it by the window where the sun hits

Live in a warmer climate or it’s not the season for radiators yet? Let the sun help you dry out your Beauty Blender. Sunshine is a great way to get things dry and kill off bacteria and mold.

Simply wash it, rinse it, squeeze out the excess water, use a towel or paper towels to remove any lingering dampness and then set it in the sunshine.

Your only concern may be the fading of color if you have a brightly-colored Beauty Blender, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s not such a big deal to have a fresh and dry applicator ready and waiting for you when you come home.

All of these tips and tricks can help you get your Beauty Blender to dry much faster, but there are a few things you should never do if you want it to dry quickly and without anything growing on it.

Don’t leave it to dry in your bathroom

When leaving your Beauty Blender to dry, you can choose to put it in the sun or by the radiator. You can put it under a fan too.

But one place you should never leave it while it’s drying is in your bathroom. In fact, you shouldn’t keep it in there, period, unless that is the place you apply your makeup.

You should store it in your bedroom instead, or someplace where the steamy environment of your bathroom won’t meddle with its integrity. The same goes for all of your beauty products. Bathroom steam is the enemy for them, especially bath salts, scrubs, and powders.

Continued exposure to steamy environments translates to mold for your Beauty Blender, especially if it’s constantly damp. After you clean it, move it out of your bathroom to let it dry and keep your makeup in a dry place too.

Don’t dry your Beauty Blender in a microwave

Please, whatever you do, do NOT microwave your Beauty Blender! You might think you’ll kill any germs off and dry it all in one fell swoop, but all you’ll be doing is risking a microwave meltdown. It could explode since it’s made of a type of plastic.

And if the idea of a major mess doesn’t put you off, plastics can leach more onto foods when they’re exposed to extreme heat.

So even if you do microwave your Beauty Blender and nothing goes wrong, the plastics are adhering to your microwave and getting into the foods you heat up. Pretty gross, huh?

It should probably go without saying that using your oven, toaster, and toaster oven are bad ideas too. You’ll again be dealing with plastic leaching and a potential biohazardous mess that you don’t want to be stuck cleaning up.


Beauty Blender is an amazing application tool, but proper care is required if you want it to last. Generally speaking, you should be replacing it every 3 months, though you can stretch that time out by caring for it well. Part of that care is taking the time to clean it thoroughly after using it and then allowing it to dry.

After washing it, squeeze it out and then use either paper towels or a clean, dry towel to finish squeezing the water out. The next steps are up to you for finding a place to keep it dry.

Don’t leave it in the bathroom to dry or at least pretend to look surprised when you come home from work and see it’s still damp. Of course it won’t dry well there!

You can try speeding up the process with careful use of a hairdryer or with a fan. You can also allow the heat from your radiator during winter to help draw out the remaining moisture.

One of the best ways is to set it on the windowsill and let the powers of the sun go to work for you. On a rainy day though, you might have to rely on a different method to dry it faster.

And of course, never use any cooking appliance to dry your Beauty Blender. Doing so could not only potentially melt your applicator but can also leach plastic onto everything you cook in your microwave, oven, toaster, or toaster oven from here on out. Then you’ll be looking at buying a new Beauty Blender and appliances much sooner than you expected!


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