Are nose piercings considered Trashy on Girls?

Are Nose Piercings Considered Trashy on Girls?

Are nose piercings considered the modern version of a lower back tattoo for women and girls? Although some people would say that they are, it is essential to look at the history of piercings and nose rings to find a definitive answer. According to the Journal of the American Medical […]

How to Know If You Have Long or Short Arms

How to Know If You Have Long or Short Arms

Although it might seem strange, people have different arm lengths. Some individuals have ones that are slightly longer than average for their body, while others have somewhat shorter ones. It’s the same issue with one’s legs. Most people don’t have legs that are exactly the same length. One is typically […]

Do you wear shorts under your skirts and dresses

Do You Wear Shorts under Skirts and Dresses?

When you wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath any skirt or dress, you increase your comfort level while preventing accidental exposure. It is a great way to wear skirts and dresses without showing off more than you intended. Do You Wear Shorts under Skirts and Dresses? It’s ok if […]

Minimalist Fashion Tips The Art of Layering

Minimalist Fashion Tips: The Art of Layering

Is it time to update your wardrobe? No matter your style, there are simple rules of minimalist fashion that you should keep in mind that will always serve you well. When you have these basic items in your closet, you will always have something to wear for any and every […]