Can You Wear Socks with Moccasins?

Can You Wear Socks with Moccasins?

Moccasins are sometimes confused with sandals, but it is a different footwear option. These shoes offer a slip-in design that has an upturned sole without a distinctive heel.

Moccasins also use a unique upper design that extends the shoes some to form a rounded toe.

Although it looks like a formal shoe when put next to a pair of sneakers, moccasins are a casual option. Some people even treat them like slippers.

Since the upturned sole is thin, it might seem like socks would be a fashion faux pas with moccasins, but the opposite is typically the case.

Can You Wear Socks with Moccasins?

Wearing short socks with moccasins is appropriate if your feet get a little chilly. Some people confuse these shoes with sandals, where socks are typically inappropriate from a fashion stance. Ankle designs are an excellent choice if you want a no-show experience with your outfit.

To be clear, you don’t need to wear socks with moccasins. If you prefer to jam your bare feet into this shoe while wandering around the house, you’ve got that option.

You can even go sockless with moccasins outside, although it might be a bit uncomfortable to do so during the winter months.

There is also the option to wear socks with these shoes. Although you might not want to wear knee-highs with shorts and moccasins, something low would still be appropriate in most settings.

Here are the top reasons why it would make sense to wear socks with moccasins.

1. It is cold outside.

When the decision is to be fashionable or warm, the best choice is to choose the second option. To be honest, the weather is the most apparent reason why socks with moccasins make sense – or with any other shoe type.

Socks provide an extra benefit by limiting the odors that the mocs can develop when putting bare feet in them all the time.

The best option in cold weather is to wear 100% wool socks. You don’t want to use thick cotton because that material absorbs the moisture from your sweat to create other odor-related issues.

Some might argue that moccasins are only summer shoes, but it still makes sense to put them on in the winter for different occasions. If you like wearing something on your feet at home, this option is a perfect choice.

When the weather warms up, you can slip into the mocs without the socks.

2. You want to wear socks.

The fact is that all fashion rules are made up by people who decide what looks or doesn’t look good. You can follow those ideas or decide to paddle your own boat and choose what you prefer to wear.

If you want to wear socks with your mocs, then do it. There’s nothing that can stop you!

Style is a subjective topic. The guidelines that people talk about all the time provide a framework for commercialization. If you feel comfortable or think you look good by wearing some comfortable socks with your moccasins, then your opinion is the only one that matters.

Your focus should meet three specific requirements.

  • The fit works for your feet.
  • You can function appropriately with the products.
  • The fabric supports your movement.

If you wear 100% cotton socks in the summer with mocs, you might pull some soggy materials out of your shoe. That extra sweat could create long-term odor issues.

Would you want to wear moccasins when it’s the rainy season where you live? Only if you have waterproofing on the outside, perhaps.

Try different combinations. Set your own rules.

3. You need to protect your feet.

Although you can typically walk around your home without encountering a significant hazard, there are always times when extra caution is warranted. A glass might have broken on the kitchen floor, there could be rose thorns in a garden pathway, or you might be walking through a patch of poison ivy.

When you need to protect your feet, it makes sense to use socks for that purpose. Your skin receives an extra layer that prevents unwanted contact with potential hazards. Although sharp items might still poke through, you can give yourself some extra leeway with some affordable socks.

4. You’ll be on your feet all day.

When you’re on your feet for the entire day, the fatigue that you experience can be felt through your ankles, knees, and hips. That discomfort can be problematic, especially if your job requires frequent movement.

Thick socks provide a cushioning layer that works well with mocs. You can keep the slip-on style while enjoying some extra support.

If you wear moccasins with chinos, jeans, or long pants, you can use crew socks or no-show options to create whatever look you prefer.

5. You plan to sit for most of the day.

Everyone has their feet swell to some extent because of how gravity works. Your body can pump plenty of fluid out from your feet, but it doesn’t catch it all. Once you’ve hit that three o’clock wall, it might be necessary to go up and extra half-size in your moccasins.

When you encounter lots of swelling in the afternoon around the ankles, it might help to wear compression socks in the mocs.

The compression in those socks gently squeezes the legs to promote improved blood circulation. Although they typically get used by older adults, almost everyone can benefit from using them.

About 90% of leg disorders originate in the veins. When the valves fail to function, more blood gets left behind. That means diminished returns to the heart, fluid retention, cramping, and discomfort.

The squeeze from compression socks increases the tissue pressures beneath the skin. This process reduces fluid leakage within the capillaries, encourages more absorption, and supports the lymphatic system.

Those benefits result in proactive swelling prevention.

If you sit at a computer for eight hours each day, these socks can help you have more energy throughout the day. You’ll also have less pain and fatigue at night, improved sleep, and other positive outcomes.

You can wear high compression designs with pants if you’re concerned about how someone might feel when they see you in the mocs and socks look.

6. You want to be remembered.

When you attend a social event where everyone is dressed the same way, it’s the little things that you choose to wear that make you stand out in a crowd.

Somebody might decide to sport flamboyant jewelry. Others might turn to hair accessories, patterned shirts, or expensive sunglasses.

Another option is to wear socks with your mocs.

The best way to be remembered with this style option is to wear a color combo that reflects your personality. If you like to be the center of attention, wear the tallest white socks you can find in your drawer.

When you love sarcasm, try wearing big dress socks with your moccasins.

If you prefer something understated because you like to avoid conversations and attention, below-the-ankle socks are an excellent choice.

How to Wear Moccasins and Socks together

You can spot mocs and socks whenever someone has them on because of how noticeable the look is when you catch it.

They’re especially viewable when a person wears shorts with calf-high white socks.

Since it is a fashion statement being made with mocs and socks, even if it is unintended, there are some steps to take to create something that is undeniably you.

  • Use neutral contrasts. Try experimenting with your sock color to see if it becomes a positive focal point for your look. When you use neutral colors, try to let those brown mocs stand out with a similar top and brightly colored calf-high options. You could also wear novelty knee-highs successfully with this option.
  • Be the weekender. Although dress socks and mocs aren’t the best option, you can still take a traditionalist approach to fashion by using a weekender look. Use wool prints and colors while matching the rest of your outfit with earth tones.
  • Be a corporate winner. Socks with mocks can be a surprise for some corporate looks. You’ll be comfortable throughout the day while introducing a chic surprise with your hidden fashion. It is important to avoid items that might violate a dress code if you use this option for work.
  • Inject some color. When you want to make a socks statement with your fashion, use red colors with your mocs and dark clothing to put the focus right there. Another option would be to use vermilion or dark green to enhance the look.
  • Add some patterns. Wear some socks with stripes, polka dots, or another favorite design if the rest of your look feels stale or uses solid colors. It’s a simple, visually compelling way to create a fun look when pairing mocs with suede, velvet, or denim.
  • Be eclectic. You’re already changing things up for some people by pairing socks with moccasins. Why not go the extra step and become even more eclectic? You could wear a gorgeous sun hat, add a graphic scarf, or use a daring pocket square to push the style envelope to whatever you want it to be.
  • Create the illusion of formality. You can use mocs to replace the typical dress shoe. Slip on a pair of dress socks, your favorite semi-formal outfit, and the average person won’t even know the difference.

When selecting socks to wear with moccasins, it is always better to step up to the highest quality you can afford.

In hot weather, the best socks are those that breathe while wicking moisture away from your feet. Bamboo, flax, mohair, and wool are excellent choices.

If it is cold outside, your best choice is either merino wool or alpaca socks.

How to Find a Great Pair of Moccasins

The best moccasins should offer high-quality stitching on the upper, a soft interior that keeps the feet warm, and a thin sole that provides some traction. Although other materials are available, waterproof leather is one of the most durable choices you can find.

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When I want to be comfortable in some mocs, I turn to the Minnetonka Sheepskin Hardsole Slipper Moccasins. They’re available for men and women, although I’ve found that the male sizes tend to provide more support for everyone.

You get a snug fit with these mocs because they’re made to stretch over your feet. That’s why they tend to run true to size. If your feet are different sizes, order the largest one to get the best fit.

These moccasins use traditional rawhide laces with a sturdy rubber sole to deliver high-quality results in any environment. The padded interior keeps your bare feet warm, but there’s still enough space to wear some socks if you prefer.

I love running errands in these moccasins because they keep my feet comfortable throughout the day. Although I wouldn’t want to be miles on them, they’re suitable for grocery shopping or similar tasks.

The sheepskin is what makes them such a great item. You’ll get a warm softness that encourages moisture to come away from the skin without developing odor issues.

A Final Thought on Wearing Socks with Moccasins

Style is always subjective. If you think socks and moccasins is appropriate for your needs, then it should be something that you wear. When it doesn’t feel right, roll with a different look.

Most of the time, moccasins are worn when people are driving or at home. In those situations, it doesn’t matter whether you wear socks or not. Choose the option that feels the most comfortable!

When you’re at work or attending a special event, the choice might be based on how dressy the mocs look to others.

How do you feel about wearing mocs with socks?


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