Are nose piercings considered Trashy on Girls?

Are Nose Piercings Considered Trashy on Girls?

Are nose piercings considered the modern version of a lower back tattoo for women and girls?

Although some people would say that they are, it is essential to look at the history of piercings and nose rings to find a definitive answer.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, humans have been piercing their noses for at least 4,000 years. This practice started in the Middle East, eventually migrating to India in the 16th century. From there, it ultimately made its way to the rest of the world.

During most of that time, a nose piercing was considered a sign of societal or familial respect. It represented healing practices and traditional family concepts, including the designation of a dowry.

Nose piercings were also considered beautiful.

Some religious scholars point out that since the practice started in the Middle East, the countries that focus on Judaism or Christianity should take a different approach than those with foundations in Islam.

An interpretation of the Book of Genesis even shows that nose rings were a potential beauty and vow representation symbol for human culture. Isaac, Abraham’s son, provides Rebekah with a “shanf,” which is a golden nose ring.

The symbolic gift would have been offered before the marriage took place. It’s a tradition that has continued in the Beja and Berber tribes in Africa and the Bedouins in the Middle East.

If you could afford a more luxurious nose piercing, you could have one placed to show off your status in that culture. When you came from a humbler family, it was possible to use this decoration for beautification.

There was even a practical reason to have this nose piercing done for women in these ancient cultures. If her husband died, the jewel from the piece could be sold for funds to support the family.

Are Nose Piercings Considered Trashy on Girls?

Nose piercings are not as accepted as ear piercings, but this societal perception is changing. Public polls and surveys indicate that men are seen as less attractive and intelligent with them. In contrast, women are seen as promiscuous, obnoxious, or wearing the wrong fashion for the situation.

Wearing a nose ring in today’s society is often the equivalent of wearing a bikini to a Sunday morning church service. Although there isn’t anything entirely “wrong” with that choice, the perception of others will create a judgment that says what you’re doing is inappropriate for the situation.

When women make that choice frequently, they’re often seen by others as being “trashy.”

Of course, we need to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most of the negative judgments that involve women are typically reflective of how everyone else feels.

A strong woman often generates criticism. She’s told that she needs to know her role, be respectful to others, or focus on her family’s needs instead of what she wants.

Although we’ve made steps toward being an equal society, we still live in patriarchal times. After all, women have only had the right to vote in most parts of the world for a century or less – and some countries still don’t allow this right.

Women who are seen as being “trashy” are typically the people who want to live their best life. Those who see these choices and behaviors are often jealous of them, leading to name-calling and negative perceptions.

Why Do People Hate Smart Women?

Hatred for women often simmers below the surface, erupting only when someone goes so far from the social norm that an individual feels like she needs to be “put in her place.”

It often takes people a long time to recognize the distaste that society has for a smart woman. Although intelligence, courage, and bravery appeal to some men, women, and non-binary individuals, gender is still a primary dictator of what everyone is encouraged or discouraged from doing.

The set of different behavioral rules for all genders has several consequences. People become insulted and prone to violence when someone attacks their sex-role adequacy, especially when the conversation turns to one’s overall ability to be a human.

That means people see women as being trashy when they wear a nose piercing because they want to attack the self-worth of the entire gender.

Women Are Often the Focus of Negative Reinforcement

What comes to mind when you think of the term “traditional values?”

For many people, it is a society where the man is the breadwinner, and the woman is the housewife. There are only two recognized genders, one primary religion gets followed, and the evenings are filled with apple pie and baseball.

The problem that women have always faced in the realm of traditional values is that their job assignment always involves issues that are negatively reinforced. That means her chores are those that only get noticed when the work hasn’t been finished.

That’s why smart women are often the most frustrated housewives. How rewarding is it to spend all day cleaning the house, working on the dishes, weeding the garden, and managing the kid’s schedules only to have someone point out the one thing they didn’t complete that day?

What’s worse is that women get judged based on that one thing they didn’t accomplish instead of everything else they did to support their families that day.

The perception that a woman is trashy because of a nose piercing is an extension of that philosophy. It’s like society says, “How dare a woman stand up for herself, do something that she wants, and flaunt it in front of me!”

Do Nose Piercings Suit Everyone?

Although some people would disagree, nose piercings are for everyone. There isn’t a nose out there that can’t pull off at least a stud, and many women can deliver a beautiful look with a ring that reflects their personality and style.

You can find six basic materials available to select: gold, sterling silver, titanium, stainless steel, acrylic, and bioplast.

Some materials are better for when a new piercing heals, while others are better for those who have hypoallergenic requirements.

Solid gold jewelry is usually the safest option. The most widely used metal is surgical-grade stainless steel. If anyone has metal allergies, bioplast is certified biocompatible.

It’s not unusual for piercers to get requests for multiple holes today on a single nostril. This option allows women to use different hoop and stud combinations. You can even get symmetrical pairings, and septum rings are also growing in popularity because they’re easy to conceal.

If you know that you’ll encounter someone who has a problem with nose piercings, a septum ring can get gently pushed up and around the nostril to avoid it from being a visual distraction.

The best part of a nose piercing is that you have multiple display options. You don’t have that flexibility with a tattoo.

You can get a hidden tiny tat, but then it becomes a permanent part of your body. The cost of removing it once you’ve changed your mind or your aesthetic preferences evolve is significant.

When you have a nose piercing to manage, you can swap out the stud for something else or remove the item entirely.

Although everyone has a different healing process, the piercing gets smaller over time and delivers minimal scarring. For some people, it even disappears.

That means a nose piercing is a low-risk, high-reward decision that can help you have the look you want. For many women, it’s a choice that produces more self-esteem while opening doors to new friendships and relationships.

Even if some people think women are trashy with a nose piercing, that thought isn’t a reflection of who you are. No one has permission to make you feel bad about yourself unless you give it to them.

In Conclusion: Do Nose Piercings Make Someone Trashy?

People will always disagree with the choices you make. You cannot please everyone all of the time. If you want to get a nose piercing, then you should do it! The people who cannot look past this decision are the ones you’ll want to avoid. Life is too short to let others dictate your circumstances.

Guys were asked what they thought made a woman trashy. The answers covered a wide range of topics, showing that there isn’t one general conclusion to find about women.

  • Some guys said that women who aren’t parenting their kids appropriately while trying to hook up with random strangers were trashy.
  • Others noted that taking illicit dru** (especially me**) is what made a woman trashy in their eyes.
  • Bad tattoos, face piercings, inconsiderate behavior, and inappropriate dress were also common reasons why guys justified using this term to describe women.

Although everyone has a different reason for getting a nose piercing, those choices are based on what they want to achieve in life. For every person who finds a stud or ring to be trashy, there’s another that finds it beautiful.

Be yourself. Get that nose piercing done if that’s what you want to do. People are going to complain about other things anyway.


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