Skin care

Girl with a white scar

How long does it take for scars to turn white?

We’ve all done it. We’ve all accidentally cut ourselves, perhaps slicing and dicing in the kitchen or maybe doing something more epic like rock climbing. Some of us have even had to undergo surgery. When we wind up with cuts, scrapes, and surgical incisions, they turn up red and bloody, […]

Woman applying lipstick and wondering if it will make her lips lose color

Does lipstick make your lips lose color?

Apparently, there’s a rumor going around about lipstick. Many people keep asking, does lipstick make your lips lose color? No! It certainly does not! In fact, lipstick can enhance your lips with smoothness and color. You may lose your natural lip color due to other factors, but we can assure […]

Girl having trouble in her sleep and worrying it will affect her aging process

Does lack of sleep make you look older?

Hoping that you’ll always have that youthful face staring back at you in the mirror? If you take care of your skin, chances are you’ll have everyone doing a double-take as they card you for wine the more birthdays you celebrate. But even all the best skincare in the world […]

Woman waking up after a long night trying to look fresh

How to look fresh after a long night

There are many reasons you might have had a long night last night. Perhaps you decided to stay until the house lights came up at the club. Maybe you were up late working on deadlines so you could dazzle your boss at the morning meeting. You may have little ones […]

Man with bald shiny head

How to make your bald head shiny?

Let’s face it…bald can be a very beautiful thing! In fact, it’s pretty trendy right now. But don’t kid yourself that it’s easy to keep a hairless head full of shine. It takes some effort to polish it up for a look that makes bald cool. Men with shiny bald […]

Girl getting a suntan on the beach

Can a suntan be permanent?

That sun-kissed suntan color gives a healthy look to your skin, as long as you’re protecting it from the damaging rays. Sun gives us vitamin D and being exposed to the sun in proper protected doses is a good thing. A long hot summer spent at the beach or by […]