Skin care

Young smiling woman with a new nose piercing and makeup

Can I wear makeup after getting my nose pierced?

Did you just pierce your nose? It’s such a cool look, but if you want it to continue to look good, you should be careful immediately following the piercing. You certainly don’t want it to get infected. So, can you  wear makeup after a nose piercing? Research has shown that […]

girl using a face roller to lift her cheeks

How can I lift my sagging cheeks?

No one ever wants to think of their own mortality, yet we’re torn between living until we’re ancient and looking young and beautiful. We can’t have it all though, sad to say. Sooner or later, even with the best care for our skin, it will start aging. Sure, we might […]

Young beautiful girl using LED light therapy

How often should you have LED light therapy?

What would you do to look forever young? Probably anything, right? That’s why anti-aging skincare and technology is at an all-time high and the numbers are only expected to climb from here. Now that we know what we know about preventing and slowing the visible signs of aging, we’ll pretty […]

Girl wondering why high altitudes are affecting her skin

Why high altitudes affect your skin

Whether you love hiking in the mountains or even rock climbing or you just live at a higher elevation, you might be surprised to learn that being at a higher altitude affects your skin. And not in a positive way. Your skin is the only thing that stands between your […]

Girl applying retinol serum to her face

At what age should you start using retinol?

Does your mom ever tell you tales of her youth and how she wished she knew better with caring for her skin? She may even tell you that you should start looking out for your skin while you’re still young, so you’ll look younger than the age on your driver’s […]