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How to make your bald head shiny?

Let’s face it…bald can be a very beautiful thing! In fact, it’s pretty trendy right now. But don’t kid yourself that it’s easy to keep a hairless head full of shine. It takes some effort to polish it up for a look that makes bald cool.

Men with shiny bald heads aren’t born this way. They didn’t shave it all off (or have it all fall off) to reveal a gleaming beacon. Like any style, it must be kept up. And when you do, it will look fantastic on you.

You might think a little head polish or cream will do the trick but some of these things contain chemicals and polymers in them to get that shine. That’s a bad thing for your scalp, which is really just ultra-sensitive skin. Even if you won’t have hair up there again, you want to baby that skin so it always look fresh and healthy.

To keep a bald head looking its best, you need to use the right equipment and products to make it work. No matter why you’re bald it just looks better when your head is shiny and smooth rather than with dull stubble here and there. It’s truly an art form to get it to look that smooth and reflective look.

Still, even if there is no hair there, you have to care for it much like you would regular hair. The only real difference though is that you have to be even more loving in your efforts for there’s nothing left to protect your bare scalp so everything you do really counts.

Whether you’ve just shaved your head or you’re thinking about it, you should keep on reading to discover the secret that men hold for having a shiny bald head and how to get yours that way too!

What’s the secret to a shiny bald head?

Just like some people are born with gorgeous and luscious hair, some people will just look better with a smooth and polished, completely bald head. There are some factors that will make you look more attractive sans hair plus further down, there are things you can do to make your own bald head look its best too.

– The smoothness of your head

The smoother your head is, the more reflective and shiny it will be. If you’ve just shaved, it’s going to have the most reflective look. Leave it with some stubble and it won’t look the same. If you’ve naturally gone bald, you’ll get a shinier look because you don’t have anything left to shave. That leftover stubble, no matter how minimal, really dulls up the look of a bald head.

All over your body, you have these tiny vellus hairs, often known as peach-fuzz. They give a velvety appearance. When you have male pattern baldness though, your hair follicles shrink and become skin cells so there aren’t even any vellus hairs. This will automatically give you a smoother, shinier appearance.

– The amount of oil produced from the sebaceous glands

All your follicles produce sebum which is a natural oil. It’s what coats your hair to give it a nice shine. But without hair, this oil will accumulate and thus, make it shine. There are some people who naturally produce more oil. If you have a very smooth shave and oil on your head, you’ll have a shiny bald appearance. But if you have a stubbly shave and not as much oil, you won’t give off a reflective appearance.

Interestingly, studies seem to suggest that when those sebaceous glands are more active on the top of your head, they play a part in causing early hair loss. So maybe it’s not such a good thing, until you’re bald that is!

How to make your bald head shiny

Some women find bald men sexy. Perhaps it’s the shine that lures them in. Regardless, even in a professional setting, it’s what will make you appear well-groomed over someone who looks like they spent all night at a punk rock show. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to make your bald head shiny!

– Shave your head properly

Proper shaving methods go a long way to having that shine you desire. When you shave your head, that razor should be brand new and sharp. Choose one with multiple blades. This way, you get the absolute closest shave you possibly can. Prior to shaving it, you should draw up a basing of warm water, lean back, and soak your head in it. This makes the hair softer and easier to get rid of. Shaving gel is also important here. Don’t use plain soap and water. That will only lead to ugly nicks and cuts. You should use a formula that can moisturize your skin too for a hydrated and refreshed look.

Another thing you must do is go with the grain. When you shave in the same direction that your hair grows, it will go smoothly. Go against it and your hair follicles will have a red and irritated appearance which won’t look good.

If you’re going from hair to no hair, perhaps to end a combover style as your hairline recedes, you should use hair clippers to get the longer pieces down to size. Then follow the steps above to getting it fully smooth and shiny.

You may even opt for some assistance, at least initially. After all, shaving your head is not like shaving your face. While your face does have curves, your head’s curves are significantly more dome-like and it can be very tricky to master the process, at least on your first try.

Enlisting some help could save you from troubles that will leave you looking less than flawless. Plus, there are a host of other problems that can arise when you choose to sport a hairless pate. For one, allergens are more attracted to your now-bare head. The newly revealed skin is going to be much more sensitive than it was when you had hair.

Breakouts are also common when you shave your head bald, if you don’t take care to maintain your scalp’s health. You can also wind up with flaky dandruff. And if you don’t pay attention in the sun, you’ll wind up with a red dome.  

To avoid these problems, using the right shaving techniques plus proper skincare products for your hair-free head will make all the difference.

Some products that can get you there:

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– The Fusion 5 ProGlide Power

For one, you can find the Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide Power razor (Amazon link) just about anywhere. But most importantly, this razor has a flexible neck mechanism in the razor head. This allows for an impeccably close shave with absolute ease. That one already includes a refill cartridge, but you should definitely get a few more this combo pack has 12 of them at a bargain price check it out on Amazon.

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– The Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Some men would rather using balding clippers and if you’re one of them, one of the best is this one by iwool (Amazon link). It gets surgically close to your skin, plus it is built for shaving the head unlike other body groomers and standard hair clippers. This is a great option if you’re a little uncertain about getting nicks and cuts, leaving razor burn, or anything else.

– Electric razors for bald men

There are also electric razors made just for bald men this one by iwool.They usually have four rotary-style heads and can be very efficient for bald heads. But if you still have thick, coarse hair on other parts of your head, you will not want to use this because it’s pretty much like a weed whacker for your head. Yup, uncomfortable indeed, and more prone to bumps. Yowch!

– Make sure your scalp is always moisturized

After that shave comes the next crucial step for a shiny bald head. You need a great moisturizer to bring back hydration and boost shine. Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer(Amazon link) is fantastic for not only restoring moisture but also repairing damage to the skin. It brings a good shine with it too.

Don’t forget that your scalp is skin. But unlike the skin on your face, it’s even more sensitive. So you really have to care for it. When you shave, you’re basically exfoliating that skin. With your face, you likely smooth moisturizers on it to keep it healthy and from flaking. The same needs to be done with the skin on top of your head.

Dandruff can still happen to you even without any hair. If you don’t maintain hydration up there, the skin will dry out and flake. One of the best things to do is apply aftershave balm right after your shave. This gives skin a big boost of moisturization that will protect the natural moisture barrier and prevent flaking.

Things you must avoid are aftershave splash and aftershave lotion. These almost always have alcohol. And while that sting might make you feel like a man, it will dry out your skin and lead to flaky problems.

After the balm, use a moisturizer. You can even use the same type as you use on your face to keep it youthful and healthy. Go a step further and invest in a moisturizer with SPF built in. This will keep your bald head from burning. You don’t need to be at the beach or outside for hours every day to be prone to balding. It can happen when you walk to the subway station or cruise the highway in your convertible.

There are tons of skin creams out there that will work for you though during the day, an SPF formula you’ll also use on your face is best. At night, go for something that helps nourish and keep skin youthful. Not a bad idea to take a cue from the ladies and how they obsessively use a skincare routine to look their best. You should be doing it too for your face, and now for your bald head.

Pure aloe vera gel or lotion like this one by SEVEN Minerals’ (Amazon link) is another ideal option. It’s very hydrating and soothing all in one. Dab it on gently and enjoy the nourished shine.

– Always apply sunscreen before going out

This one is so important it really needs more illustration. It’s so easy to forget that the top of your head is now exposed to the elements. If you’re not wearing a hat, you need to apply sunscreen to your head every day. It doesn’t matter that you’re not at the pool or beach. Any exposure to the sun will result in a red head. And if your get a bad sunburn, it will peel and flake which looks anything but sexy.

Not only that, but you run a greater risk for skin cancer. Don’t be fooled into thinking a cloudy or cold day will keep your head safe from sunburn. It won’t. The best way to take care of your skin from daily exposure is to smooth SPF lotion for your face onto your head each day as you get ready.

If you plan to go to an outdoor festival, jog at the park, or any other experience as such, slather on a waterproof sports formula for sunscreen. It should have an SPF of at least 30, though 50 would be ideal. Do you tend to be spontaneous? It might help to always keep some of it in your bag with you so you can apply it anytime you decide to get out in the sun. Better to be safe than sunburnt, especially on your head.

Even if you don’t burn, that sun exposure can lead to freckling and dark spots. That doesn’t look good either. Unlike a sunburn, those are permanent features. Stay on top of the sunscreen and sunblock and you’ll keep a healthy and shiny dome.

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Some say vitamin E will work wonders rather than the chemicals in sunscreens and sunblock. But there are many new formulations on the market composed with natural ingredients and antioxidants like the
Jack Black oil-free sun guard broad spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen(Amazon link), that should be explored for your best bald-headed health.

– Stay away from harsh chemicals when showering

Wait a minute…you still need to shampoo even without hair? Oh yes! Of course you do! Don’t just use soap! You need to use natural, organic ingredients that nourish. In fact, if you’re using things with harsh surfactants in your body wash or facial soap right now, toss it. Those things can age you faster, lead to dry skin, and cause irritation. It’s even more important now for the sake of your scalp.

Remember those sebaceous glands at the top of your head? All day, they work to secrete that natural oil which will give your head a shine. But if you don’t clean it up at the end of your busy day, whether it was at the office, on the job site, or even after an intense workout, the glands can clog up and cause acne.

Avoid this by lathering your head up with a natural shampoo. Using natural ingredients will infuse the skin of your bald head with just what it needs to feel revitalized, smoothed, refreshed, and cleared of environmental aggressors. This will keep it from looking dull and splotchy.

Stay away from anything that has an unnatural fragrance too. You never know what’s in those fragrances. Calming essential oils are safe and usually irritation-free though your best bet with a bald head is something that has zero fragrance. This way you can be sure you won’t have a red and irritated head.

Is your bald head still not gleaming the way you’d like? Read on to find out how to restore that shin instantly!

How to restore shine to your bald head instantly

One way to keep your head shiny and bald is not to wash it at all and let that oil build up. But that’s not very sanitary, and it will lead to breakouts.

If you want to be on top of your baldness game like Michael Jordan and other notably baldies, you have to take good care of that hairless head of yours. HeadBlade HeadLube (Amazon link) will provide you with a nice glossy finish after your shower, or you can concoct some of your own creations at your will.

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A natural solution that’s budget-friendly is using Natural Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil (Amazon link). This natural and nourishing oil is easy to get and is in tons of grooming products from shaving cream and beard oil to shampoos and soaps. Using straight-up jojoba oil will give you a more low-gloss finish though but it looks good.

Want a bigger, bolder shine? Try baby oil! Grab one without fragrance though or else you’ll smell just like a baby which is not the macho exterior you want to exude… or is it? This one by Burt’s Bees (Amazon link) smells like lavender and vanilla and is also fragrance-free. The good thing about baby oil is that it’s water resistant and can really give you a shine though it’s a bit greasy so go easy with it. About the size of a dime should do the trick. Use a microfiber hand towel to buff it after that to control the shine for a look you can sport with sophistication anywhere.


Many guys shave their heads and think this will be easier to upkeep only to be surprised that it takes just as much work, perhaps even more, to maintain than a head of hair. The reason is because hair can hide things we wouldn’t normally see. If you got a zit on your scalp or even on your neck near your hairline or on your forehead, you could use your hair to cover it up. But when you shave your hair away, you leave everything out in the open.

Initially, it takes some getting used to. You need to get a good, clean shave and then keep your bald head hydrated. Employing the same techniques you use on the skin of your face can help. You can also use the same skincare products on your scalp as your face though you should never use anything with alcohol or harsh surfactants. These will cause irritation and dryness which means you’ll have a red and flaky head to contend with.

Don’t ever forget sunscreen during daylight hours and use products that can naturally enhance your new baldness with a great shine. Once you get used to the whole routine, it really will only take you a few minutes, but it’s worth it to wind up looking your most suave of all.


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