How Can I Stop My Leg Hair from Growing so Fast

How Can I Stop My Leg Hair from Growing so Fast?

Friday night is coming up fast. You might be headed to the club, spending the evening at a neighborhood barbecue, or planning a special night with that person you love.

Everything you need is ready to go, including that trusted little black dress.

There’s only one problem. After an evening of fun, those smooth legs that slipped into (and perhaps out of!) that dress feel a little prickly by morning.

Guys think that a 5 o’clock shadow is problematic, but they’ve never had to deal with morning-after stubble.

This outcome doesn’t need to happen to you.

How Can I Stop My Leg Hair from Growing so Fast?

The best way to stop leg hair from growing quickly is to switch from shaving to at-home IPL or laser devices. By targeting the follicle to destroy it, those legs stay smooth for longer. It takes between four to eight weeks to see the best results.

Light- and laser-based hair treatments have a long record of success. A fellow named Theodor H. Maiman developed the first method using this technology in the 1960s.

When Grandma went to get her legs treated, growth minimization occurred at the risk of severe burns.

A new laser that the FDA approved in 1964 made the process a lot safer. That hasn’t stopped my grandma from telling stories about the horrors of those first treatments.

It’s a lot like the “I walked uphill both ways to school in the snow” argument, even though you know your family lived in southern Florida and never saw snow.

In the 1980s, laser hair removal finally became a permanent option. Scientists developed technology that could precisely target individual follicles without causing pain.

Today’s medical spas and laser removal clinics provide an almost entirely pain-free experience with nearly permanent results.

You can save a ton of cash by opting for at-home treatments that have FDA approval today.

Why pay someone to stop your leg hair from growing when you could spend less and get long-term results with a bit of extra work?

How to Shave to Prevent Rapid Hair Growth

Although light and laser tech creates a great result, it isn’t suitable for everyone. Some people experience skin color changes at the application point, especially when they have very light or dark tones.

Certain hair colors don’t respond well to these tools either.

When your situation doesn’t qualify for at-home treatments with semi-permanent to permanent results, shaving is still an effective way to get smooth legs.

If you use the following techniques, you’ll be less likely to scare someone away with leg stubble in the morning.

Shaving TechniqueWhy This Shaving Technique Matters
Use Cool WaterAlthough hot water feels glorious against the skin, it also causes the skin to swell a bit. Your pores open more, causing more of the hair to be covered by the skin. You can’t get close to the follicle. You don’t need to take an ice-cold shower, but it shouldn’t feel like lava either.
Time Your ShaveThe best time to shave your legs is in the evening. If you’ve had a stressful day, you might put off this chore for another day. When you want to look great for a night out, try to sit with your legs elevated above your heart to reduce the natural swelling that happens during the day.
Shaving DirectionWhen you shave your legs in the correct direction, you can avoid razor burn and skin irritation. It also creates the closest shave you can achieve. Use an upward motion to go against the growth direction. That’s different than your armpits, which is more like a random free-for-all.
Rinse and RepeatKeep rinsing that razor while you’re working. I know it’s tempting to finish an area before doing that, but cleansing delays cause the razor to clog with skin cells, shaving cream, and unwanted hair. Don’t bang the blades against the tub or shower to clean it out either. You’ll reduce the edge’s sharpness that way.

Caring for your razor after shaving your legs is almost as important as how you shave. If you’re wiping it with a towel, you’re likely damaging the blades. It works better to let them air-dry instead.

After you’ve finished shaving, hold the razor under running water. Allow it to flow from the back to the front to swill away lodged hairs and skin cells.

You can shake it to remove any remaining excess, but don’t tap it against a solid surface.

If you don’t want to use running water, swish the razor through standing water to create a similar result.

After the razor dries, store it in the holder that comes with the product. Some manufacturers don’t provide this option, which means you’ll want to put it in a safe place where it won’t get knocked around.

Most razors must be replaced after eight shaves, and it might be as little as five if you’ve got leg hair like mine. That means you’re using a new cartridge or product every two or three weeks.

Don’t believe the myths that shaving causes your hair to grow darker or thicker. I can vouch that won’t happen!

It’s the stubble issue that bothers me with shaving, which is why I sought out some alternatives to try.

Best Ways to Prevent Leg Hair from Growing Quickly

Yeah – I’m not too fond of leg hair. Like, I really hate it.

My leg hair grows in dark and fast, and it almost always takes like ten minutes in the shower to get rid of it.

That’s fine when I’m trying to decompress, but it’s not helpful when trying to get ready for the day – or a night out.

I’d let it grow, but my clothes tend to create this patchy effect that looks terrible when you’re trying to have a little fun. I don’t want my legs looking like a reverse Dalmatian at the club!

That’s why I’ve created a routine that includes the following products. It’s cheaper than booking an appointment at the local medical spa and gets the job done just as well.

1. Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal Device

I love this product for hair removal because it uses the same diode laser tech that my dermatologist uses. It’s the first (and the only one) cleared by the FDA to get rid of unwanted hair.

It delivers up to three times the energy density of other hair-eliminating technology. You only need to use it every other week to get the results you want.

Unlike competitive designs, you can get rid of black and brown body hair with ease with this device.

You just keep repeating the two-week habit until your hair levels reach your goals. It took me about three months to get there, but let’s face it – I could be mistaken for Sasquatch after allowing my leg hair to grow for a month.

What stands out to me for this product is the amount of control you receive with each application.

The lasers are safe and effective to use on any part of the body with this feature, ensuring that each follicle gets targeted at a deep level.

Even if you miss a week or two in your routine, the hair seems to grow back slower than before you got to work.

I’m telling you – if you’ve had laser treatments before, you won’t believe how much you can save by doing the work at home with the Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal Device. It will change your life!

2. Braun IPL Hair Removal Device with Razor

This device uses IPL (intense pulsed light) to create permanent hair reduction that you can see in about a month.

I love how it comes with a razor so that you can just get rid of the nuisance areas when you’re in a rush.

The durability rating for the Braun IPL Hair Removal Device also caught my attention. It’s built to provide up to 22 years of treatments.

It’s safe to use on your legs, arms, and underarms, but you can also safely use it in sensitive spaces.

You’ll find it takes care of that whole bikini area without a hassle. You don’t get stuck with the red bumps or itching that other products leave behind.

If you’re using the lowest energy level, both legs are treatable in about five minutes. Instead of rushing through it during my morning routine, I look forward to taking care of things once I get home for the day.

Braun uses SensoAdapt™ technology to adapt the light pulse intensity to your skin type to give you the perfect balance.

You don’t need to use sunglasses when working with this tool, even when dealing with those pesky hairs on the upper lip or chin.

It does work better for people with light skin tones and dark hair. Other options are better for those with freckles or darker skin since IPL technology targets melanin.

3. The Flasher 2.0

I’ll admit it. I was attracted to this IPL hair removal device for the first time because of the name.

Not that I’m the type of person who goes flashing through my neighborhood in the middle of the night for a quick laugh. Not at all.

What I liked the most about The Flasher 2.0 was the speed at which it worked. It uses FSPL technology to remove hair in about eight weeks permanently. There was no pain with the application.

It works everywhere that hair grows, including that thick, dark stuff that tends to creep around in your shadowy spots.

I also appreciate how it works on most skin tones. Unless you have Type VI dark skin, you can potentially use this product. It won’t take care of gray, red, or blonde body hair, but you’ll get rid of everything else.

The manufacturer suggests that you use it on level six. I found that relatively effective, but it’s up to you to decide. If you have sensitive skin, it might be better to dial it down a notch or two.

Once you give it a try, I’m confident you’ll give up on using razors for good. It takes about 30 minutes to take care of your legs, under the arms, and the bikini region.

Should I Try IPL or Lasers for Hair Removal?

IPL and laser hair removal are safe and effective ways to remove unwanted body hair. The heat from the light destroys the follicle to create a semi-permanent result. Most people see results in four to eight weeks, with the effects lasting longer than waxing, tweezing, plucking, or shaving.

I love shaving my legs every so often because it lets me linger in the shower. The combination of humidity, hot water, and shaving cream fragrance almost inspires a moment of meditation. When I’ve had a tough day, it’s nice to decompress.

I also love using laser and IPL at-home treatments for hair removal. Although multiple applications are needed across a month or two, there’s no pain involved. You just zap those unwanted hairs!

The only issue I’ve ever encountered is some light crusting. That happens when I forget to apply some moisturizer to the treatment area. It goes away after a day or so. Try not to pick at it!

I highly recommend the Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal Device for all general needs. It takes care of that leg hair quickly!

I’ve also found a lot of success with the Braun IPL Hair Removal Device with Razor and The Flasher 2.0.

You don’t have to settle for shaving or letting unwanted hair grow in places you don’t want others to see. With these options at your disposal, you’ll look and feel great!


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